Marcin Najman became the king of mishaps and scandals. He tried hard for it

  • Marcin Najman’s sports career is full of surprises. His popularity began when he lost to Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 12
  • After a few years, “El Testorteron” got a “second life” in MMA, entering the FAME MMA thresholds
  • It was also loud about him due to the conflict with the journalist Krzysztof Stanowski, and now there is a lot of talk about the controversial employment by him of the former gangster “Słowik” to the MMA-VIP organization
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Last Saturday, the TVP expert caused the storm again. At the conference before the MMA gala, VIP-4 introduced his new partner and the head of the federation. It was Andrzej Zieliński pseudonym. “Nightingale” former boss of the Pruszków mafia. The comments are unambiguous this decision is outrageous.

Marcin Najman. Ring and Cage Stories

Marcin Najman’s mishap over the years has accumulated a lot. And those that have left their mark in the memory of combat sports fans, there are definitely more than the spectacular wins of “El Testosteron”. Even his boxing debut in 2001 could not fill him with optimism. Najman lost in the first round by technical knockout to Peter Simko. The Slovak joined this duel with the balance: zero wins and 11 defeats.

In 2006, “El Testosteron” made his debut at the KSW 12 gala, and his rival was Mariusz Pudzianowski. It ended similarly to the debut in the ring from devastating defeat. The meme-makers had their hands full and 44 seconds because Najman endured so much in the cage with “Pudzian” were recognized as a new unit of time.

One of Najman’s hallmarks has become not without a reason the so-called tapping off. Internet users began to mock for good that he subjected fights to fights after his defeat in 2012 with Robert Burneika. “Hardkorowy Koksu” then forced his rival to give up the fight at the beginning of the second round.

Marcin Najman is also famous for ending and resuming his career. After one of the returns in 2018, a fighter from Częstochowa lost (at a gala he organized himself) to a boxer from Latvia, Rihards Bigis. The Pole surrendered in the fourth round due to a shoulder injury. After less than a year, there was a rematch, which lasted one round. “El Testosteron” … reported the injury again and the duel was interrupted.

Najman outdid himself at the FAME MMA 8 gala. In a boxing match against “Don Kasjo”, “El Testosteron” decided to take down and then kick his opponent. Effect? Disqualification and penalty imposed by the organization which was to be higher than the salary paid.

It is also worth noting Najman’s connection with Przemysław Saleta from the end of 2020. Saleta then published a photo from the house of “El Testosterona”, which shows in the display case the IBO belt won by … Saleta. “Internet users are vigilant … and I wonder if there is any limit of embarrassment for this man?” the ex-master asked. “Like a lot of other things, I left the belt with him for safekeeping (we were friends at the time) before leaving for the USA in 2005. And after returning, I had no contact with him anymore. Unless Marcin won the IBO belt in the meantime, and I missed it ” added Saleta.

“Przemek, this belt has been waiting for you for 15 years. You left it before you left for the United States in our joint club in Częstochowa. You were supposed to come for your belt and settle accounts in 6 months for the rent of the club, which I paid for you. Until today you did not come for the belt. nor to settle accounts, “defended Najman.

Marcin Najman. The fighter-seeker

Marcin Najman’s interesting adventures do not end with sports arenas. The conflict of the 42-year-old with Krzysztof Stanowski has gone down in the history of the Polish Internet. It all started in the program “Hejt Park”, in which the journalist ridiculed Najman mercilessly (he also did it whenever he could). The climax of the conflict was “screwing” a Częstochowa warrior who believed that editor Stanowski would fight him at the Raków stadium in Częstochowa. The film from “Stanoski” searches became a hit, and the network was flooded with memes again.

There was no less laughter at Jasna Góra, which Najman decided to defend against the aggressors he heard about on TV. Imagine his surprise when he got there, and nothing happened there. I got on right away, I came to fulfill my civic duty and defend the Church. This is one great provocation. There is no one here. Nobody is attacking Jasna Góra. What the fucking stupid thing you are! he reported outraged.

Photo: Memy / Intrnet

It’s hard to count memes with Marcin Najman

Marcin Najman. An expert on everything

Marcin Najman also teaches and explains the world. “El Testosteron” could talk about fuels, European Union law, human rights, US elections and energy.

As for the activities of Polish opposition politicians, who are already so euphorically announcing the victory of Joe Biden, the old rule says that whoever does not develop, he withdraws he spoke on TVP Info and argued that Donald Trump “would be the best option for Poland”.

I appeal to the rulers here: wake up, because you will end up losing power due to fuel prices so high and the opposition, which is completely unprepared to rule, will take over. This is the last moment for you to reflect This is how he commented on the increase in fuel prices and predicted the fall of the PiS government.

Najman also spoke on the issue of global warming. Let me tell you something that finally someone has to tell you. For many years, there has been a lobby in the world which, under the guise of global warming, has drawn trillions of dollars from the economies of the whole world for this purpose. This is the biggest number in the world and the biggest scam I know said the ex-boxer.

According to many fans and commentators, Najman crossed the border at the Saturday MMA VIP conference. Making the former boss of the Pruszków mafia a “boss” of his federation is a scandalous event, as evidenced by the reaction of the Kielce authorities.

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