Marcin Najman criticizes the FAME MMA star. “With such a disposition, he would not have been able to fight me for a minute”

There were many exciting duels at the FAME MMA 12 gala. Marcin Najman himself decided to comment on one of the loudest clashes. The warrior from Częstochowa did not leave a dry thread on one of the biggest FAME MMA stars.

Artur Babicz

Artur Babicz

Marcin El Testosteron Najman

Press materials / FAME MMA / In the photo: Marcin El Testosteron Najman

The Fame MMA 12 gala took place in the Tri-City Ergo Arena. Although the event hosted some really interesting matches, the fans most expected two duels of Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński – first with the former KSW champion Marcin Wrzosek, and then with one of the FAME MMA organizers Michał “Boxdel” Baron and a duel between Arkadiusz Tańcula and Jacek Murański.

Marcin Najman decided to comment on this last clash. A warrior from Częstochowa laughed at “Muran” for his numerous fouls and pointed out that although he had been talking about his skills in the media for months, he did not show anything in the Roman cage.

– I am absolutely convinced that in such a disposition Murański would not have been able to fight me for a minute. This is one strong blow to the head and we are going to sleep – commented Marcin Najman bluntly.

– Jacek Murański does not know how to fight. Jacek Murański knows nothing. If our fight happened, he would be knocked out by 60 seconds – said the confident “El Testosteron” on social media.

After the fight, Jacek Murański talked about numerous injuries with which he went to the cage. “Stary Muran” emphasized that if it were not for them, his rival would not have had a better chance with him. This was also commented on by Najman.

– As we found out later, the injured had five legs and six arms. The only thing he didn’t mention was the gunshot wounds. He probably did not want to disclose this information to the wider public – Najman said ironically. – I leave this to you for evaluation. If he has already left, let him not whine anymore. Especially that he was already aware of this alleged elbow injury – summed up.

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