Marek Belka dedicates the song Jennifer Lopez to Jarosław Gowin

On Tuesday, August 10, government spokesman Piotr Müller announced that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had signed Jarosław Gowin’s resignation. The former deputy prime minister announced at his press conference that he had learned about his resignation from the media.

Gowin’s resignation. “What song to improve the mood?”

Beloved, Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin is probably very sad now. What song would you dedicate to him to improve his mood? Only serious suggestions …“- Patrycjusz Wyżga, a journalist from Wirtualna Polska, wrote on Twitter.

Former Prime Minister Marek Belka wrote back immediately. “Waiting for tonight (Jennifer Lopez)” – recommended a member of the European Parliament.


Here is a song recommended by the former prime minister.

Marek Belka and Jennifer Lopez

Marek Belka has repeatedly referred to his alleged relationships with a Latino singer and actress in his history. Already in 2004, when interviewing Radio ZET, he said about the deputy Andrzej Pęczak: “Pęczak knows me as much as I know Jennifer Lopez.” “I know you, Mr. Deputy, I also know Jennifer Lopez, but in a different capacity,” he said in 2005 at a hearing of the Parliament’s Constitutional Responsibility Committee examining the privatization of PZU.

The former prime minister also referred to Jennifer Lopez on numerous occasions on his Twitter account. It is worth mentioning, for example, the entry from yesterday, in which he shared the entry of a Latin American star asking for recommendation of his songs for the playlist of the “Global Citizen Live” event.

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