Marek Koźmiński sharply about Cezary Kulesza. “For me it’s making a nativity scene”

  • A feverish search for a new coach of the Polish national team has been going on for several days. The group of potential candidates is large, and Cezary Kulesza has already started the first negotiations
  • Marek Koźmiński did not like the style of selecting the manager. – I think everything is a game. Someone wants rumors to reach people. Even in such serious media as “La Gazetta dello Sport” – he said in an interview with TVP Sport
  • According to the former vice-president of the Polish Football Association, the only right decision at the moment is to hire Adam Nawałka
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After the termination of the contract with Paulo Sousa, the Polish Football Association is still looking for a suitable candidate to replace the Portuguese. According to media reports, the group of potential selectors is really large. Cezary Kulesza, however, has his favorites, and last week he had several talks with the coaches. The most famous was his meeting with Fabio Cannavaro, who had flown to Warsaw on purpose. Unfortunately, it turned out to be fruitless, because Italy, according to the Italian media, is no longer interested in leading our representation. Interestingly, the former defender is supposed to wait for an offer from one of the Premier League clubs.

In recent days, quite a lot has been said about choosing a coach. In addition, the president of the Polish Football Association is eager to appear in the media, where he tells, inter alia, about his meeting with Fabio Cannavaro. Marek Koźmiński, who does not like the actions of Cezary Kulesza, referred to the manner of conducting negotiations and giving this matter a lot of media coverage.

– For me, it’s making a nativity scene. Announcing who someone has spoken to and been seeing does not lead to anything good. These types of conversations should take place behind the scenes. Only later should specific information flow into the public space, not a leak. That’s my opinion. I believe everything is a game. Someone wants rumors to reach people. Even in such serious media as “La Gazetta dello Sport” – he said in an interview with TVP Sport.

The former Polish representative also emphasized that employing an Italian trainer could be an interesting solution, but not at the moment. – If we were dealing with the selection of a general manager in a normal time, the possibility of preparing, making a mistake, getting to know the players, in my opinion these candidates are very interesting (Pirlo and Cannavaro). With a slight splash towards Pirlo. Today, however, we are dealing with a fire and saving the situation. The new coach does not have the opportunity to prepare and get to know the team – he analyzed.

According to Marek Koźmiński, the only right choice is to re-hire Adam Nawałka. However, he stressed that it was rather a short-term solution.

– The only person who can take over the representation for a short period is Adam Nawałka. If we had a lot of time to prepare the staff and implement our idea, my number one favorite would be Maciej Skorża. He has international experience, is Polish and shows that he could lead our staff. However, in the current situation, he does not know these players. If we want to give ourselves a chance, Adam is a reasonable solution in the short term. I assume we will succeed, he admitted.

We will probably know the new manager on January 19.

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