Marek Papszun becomes the coach of the Legion? The owner of Raków Częstochowa is responsible. “It hits our club”

Legia Warsaw is seriously interested in acquiring Marek Papszun from Raków Częstochowa. Dariusz Mioduski, in an interview for the official Legia website, emphasized that this is the profile of the coach that interests him. Michał Świerczewski, the owner of the Polish runner-up, answered Mioduski’s words.

– I can confirm that we want to communicate with the trainer and his staff. I believe that Marek Papszun, with appropriate working conditions, which are in Legia, is currently the best candidate to develop our team in the coming years. I am convinced that the charisma, knowledge and experience of coach Papszun will be very positively combined with the club’s philosophy – confessed the president of the Polish champion in an interview for the official website

– He wants to develop a club with a coach for whom the ethos of hard work combined with full professionalism is the credo of the coaching profession. Positive, although not obligatory, is that coach Papszun is from Warsaw and understands what Legia is for Warsaw and for fans, he understands the atmosphere at every stadium in Poland, as soon as our club bus arrives – adds the owner and president of Legia in one person.

In an interview with the portal, Michał Świerczewski, the owner of Raków, admitted that the coach Papszun is associated with the club with an important contract. Both sides have no intention of terminating their cooperation.

– The president of Legia Warszawa very often publicly emphasizes the importance of respect between the clubs of PKO BP Ekstraklasa in order to build a strong league together. However, I perceive these words as a complete contradiction of this attitude – in particular to the smaller club. It is an indirect interference in our interests – commented Michał Świerczewski.

– This clear declaration that Legia wants our coach must, after all, influence the mood in Raków Częstochowa. It cannot be separated, especially since the season is on and players read such things. They must have their thoughts and doubts about it. I assume that it is also an attempt to put pressure on me, maybe on coach Papshaw – it remains to be seen whether it is successful … – added the owner of Raków.

For now, Papszyna has a contract with Raków Częstochowa until June 2022. He has been working in this club since April 2016. He won two promotions with him, won the Polish Cup and the Super Cup, the runner-up and reached the last round of the Conference League qualifying round. He’s even in the game for the championship right now.

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