Margot Robbie in tears and worried about Cara Delevigne’s mental condition

Margot Robbie and those tears after visiting friend Cara Delevigne

It is rare, but not impossible, to find a beautiful friendship born in that of Hollywood. Yet it is friendship that we speak of when we think of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevignewho since they met in 2016 on the set of Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer, they never stopped dating. Being friends also means being there in time of need and Margot Robbie has proven to be a perfect friend. In the last period, some videos have been released in which Cara Delevigne is portrayed in really worrying conditions, with dirty hair and with little control of her mental faculties. Subsequently, photos of Robbie came out outside her friend and colleague’s house in West Hollywood, showing a visibly worn out Margot.

Margot Robbie in tears after visiting Cara Delevigne

The photos show Margot Robbie in tears after leaving her friend’s house, whose condition seems to get worse and worse. The supermodel has already suffered from depression in the past and she also had suicidal instincts. Cara herself said that her mother, Pandora Delevigne, suffered from depression in the past, with bipolar personality disorder and was addicted to heroin. The malaise of her daughter, however, is not only linked to the conditions of family life in which she grew up. Often the model and actress has told how difficult it was for her to accept her pansexuality, suffering from many crises as a young man, associated with suicidal thoughts. In an interview, she in fact confessed that “When I see that things are going too well, I do something to sabotage everything”. Delevigne’s fans are clamoring that something be done for their darling, that she is not left alone to her fate and that she can overcome her great crisis, returning to shine as it once was.

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