“Margot Robbie is pure magic, she moves at 48 frames per second on set”

After promising many extraordinary looks for Ryan Gosling’s Ken, the writer-director Greta Gerwing turned the spotlight on Margot Robbie Barbiewhich audiences will be able to see next year in the film of the same name to be released in July.

In a recent profile published by Vanity Fair and dedicated to the career of the star of The Wolf of Wall Streetthe director told of the precise moment he discovered that Margot Robbie is ‘pure magic’ on a film seta moment that involved the construction of a bizarre trick used during filming.

I used to want to shoot Margot in slow motion but make everything else in the scene, from backgrounds to extras, move faster. So I went to her and I said: ‘You could be moving faster, like 48 frames per second, even though we’re shooting at 24 frames per second and everyone else is moving at regular speed?’ I knew it was a crazy request, but at one point I saw her start doing mental calculations and then, fuck, she actually did it. It literally moved to a higher frame rate. I don’t know what category you can put it in other than that of pure magic.”

Barbie will be released on the same day as Oppenheimer, the new film written and directed by Christopher Nolan distributed by Universal Pictures, on July 21, 2023. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie will be seen in Babylon, the new film by Damien Chazelle arriving in Italy from January 23 with Eagle Pictures.

Which of these two new roles does Margot Robbie look forward to more? Tell us in the comments.

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