Margot Robbie: we know the secret of her smoldering gaze, and it’s very easy!

If for fans of DC ComicsMargot Robbie is above all the one who embodied one of the most endearing anti-heroines, we must admit one thing! The Australian actress has been propelled onto the international scene since the release of her film Barbie. He currently knows a real worldwide success eclipsing many blockbusters like the very famous Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan. Since the release of the film Barbie, Margot Robbie connects interviews and appearances. We sometimes see her alongside actor Ryan Gosling, the one who embodies Ken. Became a real superstarMargot Robbie, 33, is on “all lips and in minds”, reveals the magazine SHE.

The Aussie is known for her bewitching smoldering gaze that looks like always be on top. The magazine SHE reveals the actress’ secret to keeping a fresh look And always sparkling despite the tours and interviews she has been doing since the great success of her film. Margot Robbie’s life is not easy! And yet, the frenetic pace of his current life does not seem not have negative effects on his gaze charming. And for good reason, the 33-year-old actress takes care of it with quality eye patches, signed by a French brand well known in the field.

Margot Robbie uses patches from a French brand

Patches Eye Therapy of the french brand Talika follow Margot Robbie wherever she goes…and have for years, reports the magazine SHE. In an interview with the magazine Page Sixthe 33-year-old actress said it is the secret of the preservation of his smoldering gaze. The patches she uses are real miraculous products that refresh the eyes in no more than 15 minutes after their application, reveals the magazine. If Margot Robbie’s patches are so effective, it’s because they are enriched with rosehip, ceramides and quality butter. Seductive Margot Robbie’s eye patches have a smoothing effect erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

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