Marianne James confides without filter on her sex life

For the latest issue of 50’Inside, presented by Nikos Aliagas, Marianne James has agreed to open the doors of her vacation home in Montélimar. She then confided in her career but also in her private life and the intimate subject of motherhood. “I never wanted children. Even with my great lovers, I did not see myself as a mother.”. For the singer, becoming a mother presented far too many constraints. “I’m whimsical and I love my freedom more than anything and I understood very very well that children, if you don’t take care of them, it’s not serious what”.

Marianne James: “It’s not because you don’t do three hours of somersaults a night, nor the total Kama-sutra three times a week, that your life is unhappy”

Very happy in her private life, Marianne James confides in her sex life. “It’s not happiness on the cheap! Just because you don’t do three hours of somersaults a night, or the total Kama-sutra three times a week, doesn’t mean your life is unhappy. Maybe because I did. I went around that too. Because I was playful and attractive, and I know I still am, but my outlook is changing., she confided. The singer no longer wishes to find herself in situations that do not correspond to her.Today, the love of boys, I don’t care! I see the men pass, they see me pass very well too. But for the moment, I lead a life of (…)

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