Marie Portolano asks a very naughty (and embarrassing) question, unwittingly!

This is called a remarkable arrival! For her first day as co-presenter of Thomas Sotto in the Télématin program on France 2, Wednesday August 30, 2023, Marie Portolano immediately hit the mark … But not in the way she would have liked. Indeed, the first day of the replacement of Julia Vignali was punctuated by a moment of discomfort that she had surely not expected. The scene took place during a sequence with the columnist Laura Tenoudji, who analyzed the success of the film Barbie. This one has indeed won the hearts of the public so much that he has brought pink up to date as well as the famous doll bearing his name. “Marie, I have a feeling you’re going to see Barbie now, right?” asked the columnist. Marie Portolano nodded and – as her sidekick asked around the table who had ever had a Barbie doll – she inadvertently asked a double-sided question of her colleague Samuel Olivier. “And do you love Ken?” forgetting at the time that the word “ken” has a special connotation in slang, since it means “to have a sexual relationship”. Holding back a laugh, he replied “I love Ken!”

Realizing what she had just said in spite of herself, Marie Portolano let go: “Well, very well … I just realized what I just said, it was not at all what I wanted …” But the damage was already done: on set, a giggle seized all the columnists, and even if Marie Portolano (…)

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