Marijuana twists, nude beach dancing and four days at the most expensive hotel in Jamaica. What happened during Meghan Markle’s first wedding?

Ten years after the future Duchess of Sussex celebrated her first wedding on a picturesque beach, we remember what happened during four crazy days in Jamaica. The ceremony is definitely not “royal”.

On September 11, 2011, after seven years in a relationship, Meghan Markle said “yes” to five years her senior film producer, Trevor Engelson. The actress met her future husband when she was 23 and was just beginning to take her first steps in the film industry. Her career quickly took off due to Engeslon’s contacts. It is said that thanks to him Meghan Markle received the role of Rachel Zane in the series “In suits”, which brought her the greatest recognition.

The first love of the future Duchess of Sussex

Trevor Engelson has had a successful career in the film industry for years. Although he is a New Yorker by birth, he spends most of his life in Los Angeles. There, in 2004, he met a younger aspiring actress, Meghan Markle. There was an immediate spark between them and they quickly became a couple. At first, they did not want to formalize their relationship, they decided to do so only after seven years.

The film producer made every effort to make Meghan recognizable in the film industry. It was he who helped Markle get a role in the series “In suits” and made her career definitely take off. Years later, it turned out that this was the reason for the breakdown of their marriage.

A loud Jamaican wedding

The couple married in September 2011 at the Beverly Hills Registry Office. A few days later, along with a hundred of those closest to them, they celebrated their wedding in Jamaica. This means that the Jamaican ceremony was not a formal wedding. The couple chose this place for sentimental reasons, as a few years earlier they went there for a romantic engagement holiday for two.

A wedding in Jamaica has been described as “a beach wedding with a magical backdrop” and “an epic weekend in the sunshine and under the stars”. The couple booked the luxurious Jamaica Inn, considered by many to be the most romantic place in the area. Meghan and Trevor received a honeymoon suite overlooking the azure water, while guests were accommodated in 55 villas and apartments. Each participant of the ceremony received a gift bag with souvenirs, incl. with sunscreen or Jamaican snacks. A surprise was the marijuana twists hidden at the bottom of the bag – three to five for each guest.

“I was a bit surprised, but it wasn’t like they were rolling a joint and sticking it in my mouth. Ok, that was unusual, but it’s Jamaica – a lot of them are growing there,” Mickey-Miles Felton, the groom’s uncle, told the American media . Apparently, the bride and groom helped wrap and pack these unusual gifts for wedding guests.

The wedding ceremony lasted less than a quarter of an hour. Then the guests turned the evening gowns into bathing suits in no time. It is said that the more courageous guests decided to dance naked. The party, during which liters of Pina Colada and rum were drunk, lasted four days. “The wedding took place on a Jamaican beach and Meghan told everyone that it was the happiest day of her life. I was her bridesmaid. We were friends from the age of two and Meg always said that her greatest aspiration in life was to get married” – she said after Ninaki Priddy, who knows Meghan from her childhood.

Problems in Paradise?

Although Trevor’s goal was once to help his wife gain fame and fuel her career, it was Meghan’s success that led to the rapid breakdown of the marriage. Markle was getting newer and newer roles, she was rarely at home. Eventually, she left for Canada to set the show while her husband continued to live in Los Angeles. The tight schedule, increasing fame and lack of time prompted the actress to make the final decision to part ways. 18 months after a grand wedding in Jamaica, Meghan Markle sent her husband a wedding ring and an engagement ring … by mail. Ultimately, the divorce was granted after two years of marriage, in 2013. Meghan met Prince Harry 3 years later.

The divorce was a painful experience for a film producer. In his biography, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Andrew Morton, author of the famous Princess Diana biography, writes: “He could barely contain his anger. Usually laid back New Yorker, he immediately changes his tone from” Hello brother, how’s it going? “To fury when her name is mentioned in the conversation. These words are confirmed by Meghan’s younger brother, Thomas Markle Jr., who revealed that the future husband of the future Duchess of Sussex did not even want to hear his ex-name’s name. I’ll talk to you, but just never mention her name or I’ll hang up. I don’t want to hear her name, period

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