Marilyn Monroe dress, worn by Kim Kardashian, is damaged; Look

Kim Kardashian divided opinions in May of this year after appearing at the Met Gala, a philanthropic event that brings together several international personalities in designer clothes, with a Marilyn Monroe dress (1926 – 1962).

In the period, stylists and netizens expressed concern about the possible condition of the clothes after use. And now the “Marilyn Monroe Collection”, the largest private collection of the actress’ properties and archives, has released images of the dress on social media.

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In the images, you can see that some crystals are missing and others are about to fall. The fabric is also tearing near the zipper.

“Just in case you haven’t seen it… Crystals are missing and some are hanging by a thread,” he wrote in the caption.

The profile on Instagram questions “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!”, an American franchise responsible for strange and unusual items that granted the piece to Kim Kardashian.

Marilyn Monroe’s historic dress was worn six decades ago when she gave a performance for President John F. Kennedy to commemorate her birthday.

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