Mario Kart Tour propels itself to the top of the ranking of free games on iPhone

Nintendo has a nice success on smartphones. The last title of the company, Mario Kart Tour (from the mythical saga), has arrogated in three months of existence the first place of the most downloaded free games on iOS in 2019.

Released at the end of September, Mario Kart Tour, the adaptation of the famous Nintendo mobile racing game, has had a blistering career. In just three months, the app has managed to climb to the top of the list of the most downloaded free games on the iOS App Store, in front of titles like Call of Duty or Fortnite.

The game, which had a successful launch, has conquered without much trouble a wide audience and has established itself as a reference on the mobile platform of Apple. Previously, Nintendo had already been successful on smartphones thanks to titles like Super Mario Run or the unmissable Pokémon Go (in partnership with Niantic and The Pokémon Company). Some games like Dr Mario or Fire Emblem have had more modest successes, but the arrival of Nintendo on our smartphones over the last three years seems to be a success, no matter what the quality of the proposed experience.

On mobile as everywhere, big names and big companies reign supreme. When will a blue shell?

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