Mario Kart Tour, Tokyo Tour With New Tracks Coming This Week


Mario Kart Tour expands this week with the Tokyo track, new characters and other news in the Tokyo Tour available from October 9th.

The Mario Kart Tour expansion path starts immediately, which will get new tracks and other game elements with the start of the Tokyo Tour, which will start on October 9th, 2019.

There are still no details in this regard beyond a simple message posted on Twitter by the official account of the game, in which we read that “A new tour is coming for Mario Kart Tour “, and therefore that “Tokyo Tour will start the 8 October 2019 at 11 pm PT with other nostalgic and completely new tracks. Of course, new characters will also be added! Run through the streets of the metropolis of Tokyo! “.

Considering the Italian timetable, everything should be translated at 8:00 am on 9 October 2019 in our area. With the Tokyo Tour, new tracks will, therefore, be added: among these, of course, the metropolitan circuit set in Tokyo , as can also be seen in the illustration accompanying the announcement, but also other “nostalgic” and “new” tracks, so apparently tracks taken from past chapters of the Mario Kart series and something new, plus additional characters that will populate the huge Mario Kart Tour roster .

Meanwhile, the game has already reached 90 million downloads for more than $ 12 million in revenues.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.


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