Mariusz Piekarski vs Cezary Kucharski. “You read about frogs and you went crazy, I bet on the Godfather and realized that he did not report on his friends”

Mariusz Piekarski reacted to the taunt by Cezary Kucharski regarding the release of Czesław Michniewicz from Legia Warsaw and entered into a discussion on Twitter with the former agent of Robert Lewandowski.

Journalist Łukasz Olkowicz shared in his “X-ray”, recently published in “Przegląd Sportowy”, the information about the lack of trust of the “Military” authorities in the dismissed Czesław Michniewicz.

For example, the club’s representatives were to provide him with false transfer traces in order to obtain confirmation that he was the one providing journalists with the names of the players they were targeting.

And so, among others, in the Polish media there were reports of the alleged planned use of Marcel Heister (the team from Łazienkowska was not at all interested) or Peter Pokorný (allegedly canceled scheduled medical tests at the last minute).

From that moment, efforts were made to keep the transfer plans secret from the coach, which only deepened the dissatisfaction of the 51-year-old, who in this situation did not have much to say about the reinforcements and was not convinced about the players being downloaded, and this translated into poor results in Ekstraklasa and its dismissal.

The whole situation has recently been widely commented on in the community and has led to a colorful discussion on Twitter between Mariusz Piekarski, representing Michniewicz’s interests, and Cezary Kucharski.


Radek Bieńkowski: If the “directors” and “advisers” in Legia had a bit of elementary knowledge that the fans have, then you would not have to spend all days tracking down conspiracies, because the fact that # Czesiek711 was a fox in the henhouse was known to everyone here. And the shame and money could be saved.

Mariusz Piekarski: The so-called money, he probably earned Legia as much as no one else in a few years. The championship is a financial deficit for the club if you do not belong to the European cup group.

Cezary Kucharski: Earnings are revenues minus costs, and costs are high.

MP: What costs did the Coach cause?

CK: The easiest way is to look at the ESA table.

MP: Are you straight or just malicious?

CK: Have you read one book in your life and maybe you don’t understand what I wrote? Now I am writing a little maliciously.

MP: You read about frogs and you went crazy, I bet on the “Godfather” and realized that you do not report on colleagues and clients, even former ones, also maliciously but truly!

CK: When you were dumb in your own way in the locker room, you still remained like that, only more barking … “Godfather” you can freak those who do not know you. For me, you are a perfect match for the protagonist of another film, “Boys Don’t Cry” (thrown in a video with a scene – “But you have a strong psyche”).

MP: This clip of the movie is more suited to you and the last incident between us also had to go to the pit? To conclude, I do not want to talk to jam, I exclude such people from my life.

CK: Do you mention the situation where, with Miętowy, we saved you, drunk at the hands of Sheraton’s bodyguards, so that you would not get a “kick” from them? Or about the situation at the “Football” gala, where you were waving your arms again, this time at me? You will prove for yourself that it has nothing to do with “The Godfather.”

MP: You my hero, thank you for getting me out of the hands of bodyguards / torturers in the 90s, generally I wrote that you will sell everything and everyone, only you confirm this with each entry! I still don’t write because it’s not the place for that!

CK: We know each other from Legia’s locker room, and you create yourself as a dude … you throw invectives and understatements … you have no idea about the history with Lewandowski, and at the end you make a victim of yourself that I quoted the facts that you are proud of as context of the conversation.

MP: You quoted stories from the years when I played football, i.e. 20 years ago, and I don’t blame you, because it’s childish, it made me very happy, but we know each other from the locker room, but you probably didn’t get to know me too much! You hitch on me every now and then so I reply, you’d better meet and explain outside of TT.

CK: I mentioned maybe 2 times in threads about CM’s work in Legia and you are his manager. I joked about the words of the former president of Legia BL, who said that if it was good, you bragged about the city that you are the director of Legia’s sport. maybe I didn’t know much – surprised that you lack some slack.

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