Marixa Bari closes shop in Flores for fear of looting: ‘Some shops don’t want to open’

The danger of looting in parts of Avellaneda and Flores has affected businesses in the area, including some of the panelists’ well-known local businesses. Marixa Baliwarned of the movement of people and property damage, as well as the possibility of a “piranha robbery”. decided to lower the blinds in his shop. After the dangerous situation has passed, The media documented the situation and shared it with their followers on social networks.

In one of the videos, the panelists Rum (USA) She was very surprised to see the sidewalk in front of her shop destroyed. Marixa decided to record from a shelter on her property with her blinds half up. “Look what the sidewalk is. Can you appreciate it? Look at the break, it looked like this from one day to the next.”.

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Marixa Balli (Photo: Instagram / marixaballi)

Later, in another short story uploaded to her Instagram story, Marixa described the terror faced by other facility owners. “We will open our doors. Like us, other stores have reopened, and some have not. Fortunately, everything is a little more peaceful.

But these acts of societal violence affected the tranquility of the area, which is usually used by buyers and neighbors. “People ask what happened, they looted on Flores and now some places don’t want to open because of fear.”explained the media.

Marixa Balli (Photo: Instagram / marixaballi)

‘Whatever you want in the three, we’ll do it’: Marcelo Tinelli’s suggestion that harassed Marixa Barri live

on Tuesday of this week, Dancing 2023 (USA). The event took place at the Palermo Racecourse and was attended by all the couples participating in the competition and of course the drivers. Marcelo Tinelli.

during the gala The driver had a violent argument with Marixa Bali, with whom he had a relationship many years ago. It all started when Ángel de Brito asked him about the media and he responded with a series of compliments. “She’s a goddess, so sweet, so sensitive, so loving.”said the entertainer, while “La Cachaça” listened attentively from his apartment. Rum (USA).

Marixa Barrí Reminds Her Retro Romance With Marcelo Tinelli

Marixa Barrí Reminds Her Retro Romance With Marcelo Tinelli

Regarding his relationship with the shoe’s owner, Shurama, “El Cabezon” affirmed: “We got along well. We had a match.”. She replied, blushing her face. Marcelo is a god. I always spoke well of him. I love you…”.

At that moment, De Brito stepped in and explained that Marixa had refused to participate in the match. dance 2023 Tinelli complained about his business efforts. “Mari, I have 200, but please wait for Zurama…”.

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