Mark Zuckerberg takes a break from Punching Stuff to go to a Taylor Swift concert

The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club. Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, so basically all you’re doing is talking about Fight Club — no one in this drought-ravaged but dear green land could ignore the Meta founder’s quest for excellence in aggressive barefoot hugging. The second Zuckerberg-specific rule of Fight Club is that if you don’t talk about Fight Club, you’re at a loss. Taylor Swift gig with your wife and daughters, and you stuck little plastic jewelry all over your face.

“Life of a daddy girl,” Zuck captioned an Instagram carousel of himself, his wife Priscilla Chan, and the two eldest of her three daughters taking part in Swift’s Eras tour in Santa Clara, Calif., on Friday night. (To be fair, the littlest Zucklet is only four months old and so hasn’t decided what era she is yet, making her ineligible to attend the show. That’s the third rule of Fight Club.)

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While it’s unclear which Era Zuckerberg and Co. prefers (can’t recall heather red t-shirts making the whole place sparkle in one of Taylor’s notable obscenes, but maybe his Prada was at the cleaners), Zuckerberg sported about 25 small gemstone pantyhose in – is that a heart, Mark? Is it?—some sort of shape around his eye, at least five friendship bracelets (Debut, Midnights, Red, IntrepidAnd 1989 are depicted on her left wrist), and a handful of body glitter residue on the back of her hand, getting into the Swiftie spirit.

In another signal that he appreciates Swift’s successes just as much as his pow-pow martial arts successes, he captioned a photo of him scrolling his phone on his Instagram story “Checking 13 emails on the way to the concert.

See, because 13. And Taylor Swift, she likes that number. And Zuck, he loves Taylor Swift. How are you, kid friends? Nothing to see here, unless what you’re hoping to see is a billionaire tech mogul taking on the sights and sounds of a millionaire pop artist. One of us! One of us who until recently had apparently been very seriously planning on having a cage match with Elon Musk because of course why not! One of us!

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