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The teams and riders have now left the Hungarian GP behind and are enjoying the well-deserved summer break waiting to resume hostilities at the end of August on the historic Spa-Francorchamps track. The fact that there is a full month between these two races, however, is giving the opportunity for many to focus on the most relevant elements of the comparison Red Bull-Ferrari, which for the moment is clearly rewarding the Austrian team. In fact, the Milton Keynes team went on holiday with a 97 point advantage between the constructors on the Prancing Horse and Max Verstappen leads the drivers’ championship with 80 points over his main rival: Charles Leclerc.

In Budapest, as had happened this year also in Monte Carlo and Silverstone, there was no shortage of discussions on the management of the race by the Ferrari wall. The strategies of the red team ended up in the crosshairs, which in the opinion of almost all the experts contributed to losing important points to Leclerc. On the tortuous Hungarian track, the decision to pit the Monegasque, at that moment leading the race with a wide margin over his pursuers, was disputed to ‘cover’ Verstappen’s stop, but mounting hard tires on the Ferrari driver’s car. , totally unsuitable given the extremely cold conditions of the track.

The wrong calls from the Maranello garage in the first 13 races of this season have aroused some perplexity even among the opposing ranks. Helmut Markohistoric consultant for Red Bull, e Jos VerstappenMax’s father, have both highlighted the amount of revisable decisions taken by the Ferrari team and which cost Leclerc important points. Questioned by the newspaper Osterreich on how it is possible that Leclerc, despite having a car probably faster than Verstappen’s, is 80 points behind his rival in the standings, Marko gave a rather clear answer: “Because they’re pretty much doing everything wrong. In Budapest, for example, first they didn’t put the tires in the right temperature window and then they also chose the wrong strategy in the pits “. Jos Verstappen, who spoke to the Dutch newspaper, expressed himself on the same line of thinking De Telegraaf: “At Ferrari they always get the strategy wrong. Sometimes it can happen, but if they are so far behind in the rankings it is because of all the mistakes they have made“.


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