Marriage ends in tragedy, the bus with guests crashes into the escarpment: 25 guests died

The wedding was supposed to be a day of celebration but it turned into a tragedy. The wedding bus, hired for the occasion by the newlyweds, ended up in an escarpment on the night of 4 October, falling from a height of over 400 meters with 25 victims out of 40 passengers. The incident occurred in northern India, in the Uttarakhand region. Most of the bus passengers are invited to the wedding, local authorities are investigating the causes of the accident.

The accident

The bus traveled on a narrow, winding mountain road towards Laldhang in the Haridwar district and carried around 50 passengers. For reasons yet to be identified, he went off the road and into the ravine. The police forces arrived immediately managing to rescue some of the passengers and extract some injured who were transported to nearby hospitals.

Atac, bus on fire, the Prosecutor’s Office: “Poor maintenance”, asked for a trial for 14 employees

The Prime Minister “We are close to families”

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed himself on the matter, describing the incident as “tragic” and “heartbreaking”: In this tragic hour, my thoughts turn to bereaved families. I hope that those who have been injured will recover as soon as possiblehe wrote on Twitter.

India record of accidents: one person dies every 4 minutes

India is a world record for road accidents: although there are only 1 of the world’s vehicles on the continent, the road death rate is 11% of the world total of victims. The same World Bank report estimated 150,000 road accident fatalities in India each year, or one person every four minutes.

In June, a bus crashed into an escarpment on its way to Yamuna shrine in Dehradun state. Road accidents are estimated to cost the Indian economy $ 75 billion annually.

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