Marriage to the savings, they book a restaurant on the Appia Antica but do not say they are married

A married couple booked for lunch at a restaurant onAppia Antica without saying they would celebrate the first marriage. Together with the other guests, about 20, they showed up dressed for the occasion, arousing the owner’s dismay: “You should have told me before”. The new husband and wife, however, replied: «You would have increased the price».

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Savings weddings on the Appia Antica, the “price increase”

Pietro (ndf) contacts several restaurants on the Appia Antica to celebrate his wedding with Marina. They don’t want refreshments or special attention, they would just like to spend time with friends in a nice place Rome. No frills. So he calls several clubs on one of the most evocative streets of the capital. But she always hears the same sentence: if it’s for a wedding, we don’t do the à la carte menu. “As soon as I said it was for an after-wedding dinner, it increased the price. Because of this I decided to book without saying we would get married in the morning“.

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The response of the restaurants

Contacted one of the restaurants on Via Appia, the person in charge of marriages has (actually) proposed several solutions. “There is the possibility of celebrating it with the à la carte menu, but also of reserving a special room”. However, there is a limit. “In this case we ask that there be no more than 30 people, for organizational reasons in the kitchen: one can imagine that otherwise it is difficult to satisfy requests”.

The damage to the image

Another aspect must be noted. And it is that of the image of the restaurant. If a married couple decides to celebrate it without wanting all the necessary attention, it could create problems for the club. For two reasons: the first, easy to imagine, is that other customers may think they have not been treated properly; the second, on the other hand, is that the situation could be created in which the celebration disturbs the other diners. The choice of restaurateurs, therefore, can be legitimate. As long as there isn’t one speculation.

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