Marta Lozano (The New María Pombo) Does Not Wear Pajamas (And Shows in This Photo in Bed)

Marta Lozano

The world of influencers continues to spread. Each time they are more and more and they start much younger. If you ask a boy or a girl they are clear about what they want to be when they grow up: YouTubers. The examples they put are usually Dulceida, Paula Gonu or elrubius. They are undoubtedly the ones with the most followers in networks. Millions. 

The last to join this fashion has been Marta Lozano. Today, many may not sound the name, but soon it will sound because they are going to talk a lot about it and more watching their Instagram photos. The young woman is closely linked to fashion, in fact, they have invited her to the most important parades in the world such as Paris, New York or Milan. She began her career as a model at 16 and since then has not stopped. At 18 she landed on Instagram and since then her number of followers continues to increase. 

He started on social networks without planning it. The first thing that came up were photographs with family and friends. Many people began to ask him about the clothes she was wearing and then she realized the impact it had. She began to collaborate with small brands, but little by little the biggest ones arrived. 

Faithful to her style, she has affirmed on more than one occasion that she would not promote or expose anything she did not like since she would lose all her essence and personality, also “it shows a lot when you are not natural,” she explained in an interview with the magazine Hi!.

The influencer leads a very busy standard of living, not for a single day at home. Parades, trips, events. It does not rest. All brands call your phone, from H&M to Dolce & Gabanna. She is very close to achieving her first million followers. Partly thanks to its high voltage photographs. As it is from the window of one of the hotels in New York, where it is this week on the occasion of Manhattan Fashion Week.

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