Martin Rousteau “If we don’t choose, the future will be chosen by others”

I am looking for JXC’s candidacy in the city again. Martin Rousteau Speaking to the polls in Palermo this Sunday, he stressed the importance of democracy for 40 years and urged the public to go to the polls like any other candidate. “Because if you don’t vote, your future will be chosen by others.”

The senator confirmed that all candidates would meet in the Juntos por el Cambio bunker at the end of the day.

“We deny any violation of the election ban.” Rousteau emphasized the controversial situation this Saturday when thousands of Buenos Aires residents’ mobile phones received messages urging him and Horacio Rodríguez Laretta to vote. And I add: “Since Wednesday we stopped campaigning, but what happened yesterday?” (For messages received on mobile phones) It has nothing to do with us. Let the courts step in and make it clear we didn’t send those messages. ”. And he closed the discussion by saying: “A judge will investigate all complaints and will find out what happened.” When asked about his interactions with competitors within Together for Change, he concluded: “I didn’t speak to Jorge Macri.”

Economist Martín Rousteau, wearing a navy blue jacket and a package of invoices to the table authorities, will be at the San Francisco Javier Education Center in Jorge Luis Borges at 18:00 in the city of Buenos Aires for the vote at 8:29. arrived at

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The pre-candidate for the Buenos Aires Government Mayor referred to the coexistence of traditional and electronic voting systems in his constituency: You will vote on paper and then electronically. ”

Buenos Aires city government chief candidate Martín Rousteau said the delay was caused by a lack of ballot papers at the start of voting. Ta. . The future will come, and if we don’t choose it, there will come a future that other people will choose, and the same thing will happen to governments, we’re not going to vote, the arriving governments will someone votes. ”

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When asked about the death of a protester on July 9, he preferred to keep the issue out of the way, pointing to the campaign’s activities. “We made proposals in all areas of the city of Buenos and inspected the city for a long time. The politics of Aires, we toured the city, surveyed it neighborhood by neighborhood, and even made proposals in each neighborhood of the city.That’s the kind of campaign we want to do.”

“I have no cabal,” the economist said before the talks. As for the school, which started classes an hour ago but said they don’t know the specific data.

The Buenos Aires city mayoral candidate met at the Juntos por el Cambio bunker in Parque Norte at the end of the day and admitted to waiting for the outcome. “We are all going to meet there.”

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