Martina Colombari beats Julia Roberts?

It was to revive it Julia Roberts at the premiere of his latest film “Gaslit“. And now the suit with jacket and short pants everyone likes it. Word of Martina Colombariwho just pulled a wonderful one out of the closet: it’s a suit with a loose loose fitting jacket and high-waisted Bermuda shorts with a belt tied with a bow.

Martina Colombari front suit

Martina Colombari: how chic! (ph Instagram @martycolombari)

Bermuda suit: how to wear it

The former Miss Italy elegantly flaunts her suit with bermudaleaving the wide jacket unfastened, which unveils under a simple blue pullover. To conclude the outfit, Martina Colombari opted for a couple of sandals with heels and ankle strap, creating a casual chic look which makes the suit abandon its uniform patina and transforms it into an ideal garment for free time in these spring days.
Martina Colombari’s outfit is perfect because it unites elegance And comfort. For a sportier look he could have paired, for example, one basic t-shirt and a couple of sneakers. For a more elegant look, however, it would have been enough to replace the pullover with one blouse.

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Martina Colombari suit

The casual chic style of Martina Colombari (ph Instagram @martycolombari)

Martina Colombari in love with Jovanotti?

In recent days Martina Colombari has become the protagonist of very spicy statements. The beautiful ex model, happily linked to Billy Costacurtarevealed that she had an incredible crush on in the past Jovanotti.
“I was an avid fan of his”, she said, “I followed him in the years of ‘Hello Mom‘and I have seen a lot of his concerts ”. Then her revelation that made her husband jealous: “Jovanotti frequented Riccione and if he tried with me, I certainly wouldn’t have told him no ”. The spark, however, never struck and the two took different paths. Today Martina Colombari tour the Italian theaters with the show “Roller coaster”And enjoys giving tips on style and well-being to his followers, posting tips and photos of his looks on Instagram.

Martina Colombari and Julia Roberts: who wins?

The last one, the one with the Bermuda suit, was certainly inspired by Julia Robertswho in early spring captured the photographers’ flashes by showing up at the world premiere of the film “Gaslit” with a elegant bermuda suit which reminded everyone of the iconic scene of “Pretty WomanIn which the actress wore an orange suit.
Review the diva with the same elegant style, but also irreverentimpressed everyone and many decided to imitate her outfit that evoked a vintage 70s style: double-breasted jacket with peak lapels, vest tight at the waist, light blue shirt and short Bermuda shorts that reveal the legs. Finally, a couple of black pumps sharp and one brooch in the shape of a butterfly pinned on the jacket, which was designed, together with the Bermuda shorts, by Alessandro Michele for the collection Gucci Love Parade.

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