Marvel furious. Emma Stone will also sue Disney? Agent Johansson attacks the studio

Lawyer Scarlett Johansson she filed a lawsuit against Disney on July 29, 2021 for breach of contract by organizing the premiere of the film’s hybrid Black Widow (cinema plus Disney + platform). On July 30, Disney questioned its truthfulness, suggesting that the actress disregarded the coronavirus pandemic factor, which played an important role in the decision to premiere the film on VOD, and added that the actress’s pay on hand was $ 20 million. CAA co-chief Bryan Lourd, who is also an agent of Scarlett Johansson, joined the game. It does not leave a thread on the Walt Disney Company corporation. He claims they are falsely accusing the actress of being insensitive to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to show her as someone she really isn’t.

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Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney.  It's about the MCU movie premiere

Scarlett Johansson vs Disney - is the giant's response to the actress's lawsuit

– Scarlett has partnered with Disney on nine films that have earned the studio and shareholders billions of dollars. The company put her salary in a press release to make her success a weapon in its arsenal. As if being a successful artist and businesswoman would be a cause for shame. Scarlett is incredibly proud of the work she, all the actors, writers, directors, producers and all of Marvel’s creative crew have done over the past decade.

This is how he explains the lawsuit:

– This lawsuit was filed due to Disney’s decision to knowingly breach Scarlett’s contract. They have knowingly and intentionally transferred the proceeds from the movie to Disney +, leaving the artists and financial partners out of the equation. This is such a simple and obvious situation.

He believes that Disney’s direct attack on who Scarlett Johansson is is beneath the dignity of this company, which many have successfully worked with over the years.

According to the media, Scarlett Johansson’s contract was the same as other stars have on the MCU movies. In addition to the basic $ 20 million she was given, she was to have a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of cinema tickets. Here, however, exclusivity for cinemas was expected. Experts estimate that the actress lost more than $ 50 million on Disney’s decision. Johansson and her lawyer believe that Disney made informed decisions solely to improve Disney + subscriber numbers and the share price, which was a success and the owners received financial rewards. In their view, the COVID-19 pandemic was just an excuse for them.

Scarlett Johansson isn’t the only one?

Scarlett Johansson may have set a precedent that will be a giant problem for the movie industry. According to journalist Matt Belloni (until recently he worked in the prestigious The Hollywood Reporter, so he is a reliable and credible person) the actress Emma Stone considers a lawsuit against Disney on the same grounds as Johansson. Cruella was created before the pandemic, so most likely the actress also had a percentage of the proceeds from cinema ticket sales there, and eventually the film also premiered on VOD. Belloni, however, emphasizes that Stone is currently considering its options and that there is no open and above all official decision here. This is a rumor for now. She adds that many people in the creative departments working with Disney have been waiting for someone really famous to take the first step. Johansson herself has a lot of support from this side. It also suggests that after the premiere Jungle expeditions also Emily Blunt she could join the debate, but that is speculation for now. We treat his information as a rumor, but it looks like it may be true, because according to Variety, many actors are considering a court battle with Disney, so something is prepared to change Hollywood. Experts believe Scarlett Johansson is too big a star to be discredited and sweep it under the rug. Deadline, on the other hand, says that Dwayne Johnson and his production company will not join the fight. According to their information, they do not intend to fight the studio.

Variety adds that Warner Bros. had a similar problem, but behind closed doors they managed to get along with the actors. They prepared a budget of $ 250 million to compensate the biggest stars with the decision to launch a hybrid, and the topic was over. Disney was clearly not interested in this, and this is a huge image blow for Bob Chapek, the new president of Disney, because we have not recorded such situations in recent years during the reign of Bob Iger. Industry veterans who remain anonymous in an interview with Variety are shocked that the situation has not been resolved prior to going out to the public. They are even more surprised by Disney’s response, which appears to be a PR suicide and only exacerbates the conflict.

Marvel Studios vs Disney?

Belloni claims that Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, has fought Disney about it. by Black Widow only premiered in cinemas. His informants say that he is furious with what is happening now, because cinematic exclusivity and not causing conflict with the actors were all the time important to him. When he received information that the Scarlett Johansson team was preparing a lawsuit, he tried to arrange with Disney to have the matter resolved internally, but apparently failed.

The case is developmental, so we will probably have more information in the coming days.


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Source: Matt Belloni,, variety

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