Marvel: it is filtered that the villain of The Eternals would be Kro for list of Funko Pop | Angelina Jolie | Movies and series


The filtration of exclusive details of films and series can come from where the fans least expect it. Such seems to be the case of The Eternals, one of the new productions that Marvel plans for Phase 4 of its movie universe.

A Twitter account dedicated to the Funko Pop shared a list of new figures that the company would be producing in the following months. It happens that, in the absence of an official confirmation of part of ‘the house of ideas’, within all of the names he highlighted the inclusion of a character of The Eternals could be considered the main villain of the tape.

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Well did you know the user @EternalsNews. According to the profile of the social network, the antagonist in question would be Kro, leader of the Deviants. The argument of The Eternals revolves around the heroes to fight against this mutant strain of their own race, so it fits to the perfection that Kro it is the final enemy to overcome.

According to the comics, Kro it is a ‘shapeshifter’ immortal. His appearance demonic including horns and red skin has been established in human culture as our image of the devil. Another important fact is that it keeps a secret romance with Thenacharacter that will be Angelina Jolie.

The cast of ‘The Eternals’ will include Phastos, the first hero gay MCU (diffusion).

However, there is the possibility that the list of Funko Pop hide another surprise. The name of Arishemone of the Heavenlyalso appears, although it may only materialize as a reminder of the beginnings of The Eternals. The release date of the film has not undergone changes, so it stays to the 6 of November of this year.

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