Marvel’s First MOBA, Marvel Super War, is Official Today!

Today, Marvel Super War, the first MOBA from Marvel for Mobile, was officially released for Android and iOS. MOBA with your favourite characters from Marvel can be directly downloaded at the Play Store and App Store.

After going through two successful beta test phases, Marvel Super War has experienced polishing in the gameplay thanks to the input from the players who took the two tests.

New official companion release feature!

Along with the official release of Marvel Super War, there are also some additional features that will certainly spoil these MOBA players. However, the main highlight is the arrival of 2 new heroes favourite Marvel fans!

The first is Captain America, the protector of the land of Uncle Sam! Captain America is a melee fighter who has extraordinary endurance thanks to his shield and the dangerous CC!

The second is a funny spider-man, Spider-Man.¬†The owner’s real name Peter Parker is a hero who can jump through the wall hanging on his spider’s web.¬†In addition, he can also deal with¬†large¬†damage¬†to 1 person quickly!

It’s time to join and use your favourite heroes!

Well, you certainly can’t wait to play using your favourite characters, right?¬†What are you waiting for?¬†It’s time for you to download¬†and join thousands of other Marvel fans in this MOBA!

For you Android users, you can download Marvel Super War on Play Store  and iOS lovers,  this game can be downloaded on the App Store

For more information, you can visit the official website and social media from Marvel Super War at:

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