Marvel’s Spider-Man, an Artwork Shows the Ideal Sequel

Sony and Insomniac Games, Online Job Advertisements for a New Project

A Marvel’s Spider-Man fan tried to imagine the hypothetical sequel through a shared design on Reddit’s pages.

How could the next chapter of¬†Marvel’s Spider-Man¬†by¬†Insomniac Games be?¬†A fan tried to imagine it by sharing artwork on the pages of Reddit.

The drawing shows Spider-Man and¬†Miles Morales¬†engaged in fighting against¬†Venom¬†and the Goblin.¬†“I think this is the sequel that we all want and we can agree on,” reads the description that accompanies the image.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was¬†the most sold PS4 exclusive ever on the US market, bypassing Batman: Arkham Origina.¬†Spider-Man’s latest adventure has surpassed 13 million units sold globally, so it is virtually obvious to assume that Insomniac will work on a sequel.

At the end of August, the game reappeared in stores with the Game of the Year Edition, which includes both the main game and all the DLCs released last year: La Robina, Territori Contesi and Silver Lining.

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