Marwan Berreni guilty of a road accident? The cry from the heart of the upset young woman, in search of an answer Lemberger Zeitung

Is Marwan Berreni responsible for a road accident that sent a young woman to the hospital, then for a hit and run afterwards? This is the question that an examining magistrate will try to answer. The announcement was made on Friday August 25, a judicial investigation was officially opened, with the appointment of a judge, in order to lift the veil on the mystery surrounding this terrible road drama that occurred on August 3.

Marwan Berreni responsible for a road accident?

On this date, while Sandra was walking her dog in Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire), the young woman was indeed violently hit by a driver, who now forces her to move around in a wheelchair. For now, the identity of the driver is still not confirmed. On the other hand, according to the first elements of the investigation, the offending car – which was found abandoned a few kilometers further, would belong to the actor of Plus belle la vie.

The twist? While the police wanted to hear him as a witness, the former star of France 3 is now nowhere to be found and has not given a sign of life for almost a month. What logically worry his relatives who do not understand what is happening, but also frustrate the victim. Without accusing him of anything, she hardly seems to believe in theories of kidnapping or car-jacking that would have gone wrong, as evidenced by her comment left on the Facebook page of Marwan Berreni.

The victim is tired of being without answers

Also, the one that recently revealed to be “completely destroyed“since the accident, wrote in particular on the actor’s social networks:”I am the person who got knocked down with my dog ​​and I need answers to allow me to recover and move on“. She later added: “Go to the police so that they can hear you on the facts. If it’s really not you, why not give a sign of life since that day when my life completely changed?

Further, Sandra also revealed that she did not understand such an attitude on his part as it does nothing to advance the case. “I’m the victim who asks you, surrender, to have the end of this storyshe begged. If it ain’t you, may the police move in another direction“.

Unfortunately, this message posted several days ago has obviously not had the desired effect since the actor is still not found.

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