Mary Paul Adze and Sadio Mane as a couple? Ivorian actress breaks her silence

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Announced as a couple with Senegal international footballer Sadio Mane, Ivorian actress Marie Paul Adje has reacted to the rumor which is causing a heated controversy.

Amid unfounded rumours, a forum without concrete evidence revealed an alleged secret relationship between Mary Paul Adje and Sadio Mane. Despite the extent of this propaganda on social networks, the actress and columnist has chosen to respond in a subtle way to expose opponents of misinformation to their lies.

While rumors continue to link her with Senegalese international footballer Sadio Mane, Marie Paul Adze has continued her holiday at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt to spend time with her friend Kony Touré. “Each small step brings you closer to your goal. Have faith, have hope, protect your dreams and keep moving forward”She wrote as if saying that she was not bothered about the rumours.

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Ivorian columnist Marie Paul Adje is known to be very discreet about her personal life. Very few people know with whom he has a romantic relationship. However, it is known that the film actress acted as a mediator between host Connie Touré and Mahama Abdul Fattah Cho, which eventually led to the union of the couple who currently live in Egypt. Mary Paul Adje’s discretion adds mystery and charm to her public persona.

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