Maserati MC20 Cielo: test, price and technical data of the Italian spider

The house of the Trident also enters the roadster segment with momentum with a technological open car, pleasant on the road and gritty when you sink the gas. The 630 hp V6 engine makes you dream even when idling

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– Noto (SR)

Maserati has a very long history full of curious anecdotes that have made this brand famous all over the world. The Trident is a symbol of performance and elegance, stylistic refinement and sportiness on the road: few manufacturers have managed to blend these concepts so well but, without a shadow of a doubt, Maserati is one of the main exponents of this automotive philosophy. After the exploit of the fabulous (and also winning) MC12 in the early 2000s, in the last decade the Modena-based company has remained somewhat behind the scenes with few models in the range and development reduced to almost a minimum. However, 2020 was a year of rebirth with the innovative and exclusive MC20, a completely new supercar in shape, chassis and engine. In short, the Italian house has started again from here, with a model that was missing for some time to restore the famous Italian brand to its splendor. Alongside the coupé version there is also the spider, the MC20 Cielo which, in addition to bringing with it interesting updates for the 2023 model, shows technological contents from the top of the segment class. The time has come to try it: in Sicily, on the colorful streets surrounding Noto to fully experience the Sky experience.

How it is done externally

Being able to create a roadster based on a very successful and stylistically balanced coupé like the MC20 was a real challenge for the Maserati designers who, with careful pencil work and study of the shapes, managed to hit the target. The lower part of the body, characterized by sharper and more sporty elements, is in common with the fixed roof version while the high volumes have been completely redesigned to accommodate the retractable glass surface, which hides innovative technologies and technical solutions. The windshield frame has been reinforced, but even with the sky in view it creates continuity with the rear area. The more massive shapes of the shell protecting the engine create a more muscular effect but, at the same time, the two fins behind the headrests streamline the side profile, even more dynamic and harmonious, without therefore unbalancing the refined design of the MC20. As on the coupé, these sinuous lines are not soiled by showy aerodynamic elements: the air flows are expertly managed by hidden passages under the body: in fact, the Cielo version also has small vents capable of guaranteeing the vertical load necessary for enhance the dynamic qualities of this supercar. This novelty also introduces two new sets of wheels: the first, more elegant, stands out for the double XX spokes, indicating 20 in Roman numerals, and the Maserati M; the second, on the other hand, expresses all the racing character of this car with four 20 ”carbon rims that guarantee a weight reduction of 30 kg.

How it is done inside

Like an evening dress with a slit on the leg, the upward butterfly opening doors, which show off part of the frame and the large front wheel, create a seductive and elegant effect. The passenger compartment is minimal and tidy, in fact the shapes of the dashboard and central tunnel are clean, even if there is no lack of carbon fiber elements with a pure racing appeal. The MC20 Cielo debuts a new steering wheel, slightly more massive and characterized by an Alcantara and carbon frame, but for 2023 there will also be automatic emergency braking, recognition of road signs and the Surround View 360 ° system which, through four additional cameras, supports the driver in parking maneuvers. The additional innovations concern the mapping selector positioned between the two seats: using a wheel equipped with a small touch screen it is possible to change the settings even while driving and customize the rigidity of the suspension by playing with the display. On board the MC20 you are embraced by the shell seats, customizable in the upholstery, and characterized by wide adjustments that allow even the tallest drivers to be comfortable. The result is a premium environment, refined and comfortable even on long journeys but, at the same time, enhanced by true super sports car details that allow you to enjoy driving through the curves.

From coupe to roadster in 12 seconds

Unlike many competitors, Maserati has developed its spider focusing on a rigid roof characterized by a large glass surface (over half a square meter, the largest in the segment) to enjoy the view of the sky even when the head is sheltered. . Thanks to a particular electric mechanism, and therefore not electro-hydraulic as on many other models, opening and closing take place in just 12 seconds and up to a maximum speed of 50 km / h. Through the 10.25 “central display, also dedicated to the functions of theinfotainment, you can manage the movement of the hard top and another particular feature that makes this Italian roadster truly unique. In fact, glass uses PDLC technology (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, liquid crystals dispersed in polymers) which, via a simple digital button, is able to instantly change the brightness inside the passenger compartment, so that the occupants can shelter from the light or admire the sky outside without having to open the roof stiff. A truly special and exciting technical solution to be immersed from head to toe in the MC20 Cielo world.

Chassis and engine

Whether it is coupe, Cielo or electric (if and when the powertrain zero emissions), the MC20 is developed on a monocoque carbon fiber frame. With the variation of the weaving of the fibers and the thickness of the layers, the technicians were thus able to work on a single project, which therefore is done for three and also allows a concrete weight saving from the transformation from one version to another. Under the rear bonnet, in a central position, the 3.0-liter V6 Nettuno has been confirmed: no electrification or other “green” systems, but only a double twin-turbo to enhance the character of this engine that brings with it technologies derived from Formula 1 to optimize performance. The result is a maximum power of 630 hp with a torque of 730 Nm, values ​​that allow it to reach a specific power of 210 hp / liter and break through the 300 km / h barrier.

How are you / 1

In its genes, the Cielo has a racetrack and performance-seeking nature, just like the coupé. On the roadster, however, Maserati wanted to enhance another sequence of the MC20’s DNA: the pleasure of driving and the Gran Turismo nature. As soon as you get on board, in fact, you are immersed in a world to be discovered, so close to the ground and just as close to the sky. Once the engine is started, the V6’s sombre exhaust sound makes itself felt decisively and, without being arrogant or overbearing, in GT mode it is always present as a third passenger. In this mapping, the suspensions are softer, but it is truly amazing how this supercar manages to digest with so much ease the roughness of the asphalt that passes under the wheels without unbalancing the car or annoying the occupants. The steering is always very precise and even going for a walk with the wind passing just a few centimeters from your head, you are enveloped by a wave of sensations and a penetrating harmony of emotions.

How are you / 2

The delivery is very substantial, but the rich couple is never discharged in anger … unless you instigate them. In Sport mode the suspension stiffens and the engine gains even more voice: as in a Champions League final, the V6 stretches and screams at the top of its throat in ultras style, while the turbo whistles as much as it can. Curve after curve, the MC20 Cielo always remains composed and conveys a great sense of control that invites you to pick up the pace, to see how far you can go and to shift gear after gear. On the street you have to restrain yourself so as not to overdo it, but thanks to the controls that are always ready and well set according to the mode entered, you can also allow yourself some black comma on the asphalt without entering the risk threshold. With the roof closed, thanks to the transparency of the glass, the same sensations are found: inside the passenger compartment the roar of the engine echoes with even more determination and the tapered windscreen, which allows you to have the two front wheel arches in the field of vision, makes you feel aboard a 1960s sports car, reinforcing the MC20 Cielo magic.

Maserati MC20 Cielo in conclusion

Maserati is back in a big way with the MC20 and the Cielo version enhances this high-performance project even more. A supercar that fits perfectly and the first orders on par with the coupé prove it, unlike the spider world which generally accounts for 35% of sales: despite the 65 kg more weight on the scale, from a dynamic point of view it is approaching a lot of the closed version, but with its technical characteristics it manages to make the driving experience even more fully lived and to make a car that was created to win the hearts of track lovers enjoyable on the road. The price is exclusive, starting from 260,000 euros but, in addition to the many options to enhance the spirit of the MC20 Cielo, the Fuoriserie program allows you to customize the model with the support of the Trident technicians. In addition, Maserati also gave birth to the Launch Edition PrimaSerie, available in only 100 copies (all sold out) enhanced by exclusive details and the Aquamarine color, a three-layer color that interacts with the light and enhances the shapes of the MC20. The list of basic colors, on the other hand, is made up of colors with names such as “bold white”, “genius yellow”, “winning red”, “infinite blue” and “mystery gray”.

Pros and cons

Here’s what we liked and what we didn’t like about the latest addition to the Trident supercar family:

  • Like it: sharp design despite the more massive volumes; the wind in your hair enhances the emotions aboard this supercar; in GT mode the suspension is truly comfortable, comparable to an everyday sports car.
  • Do not like: digital hardtop management is a bit distracting in gear.

Data sheet

Maserati MC20 Cielo

Motor 90 ° V6, twin turbo, 2,990 cc
Maximum power 630 hp at 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque 730 Nm between 3,000 and 5,500 rpm
Exchange 8-speed dct
Traction Rear
Chassis Carbon fiber monocoque
Suspensions Overlapping triangles with virtual steering axis
Brakes Front 380×43 mm ventilated discs with Brembo six-piston fixed calipers, rear 350×27 mm ventilated discs with Brembo four-piston calipers
Wheels Front 245/35 ZR20, rear 305/30 ZR20
Dimensions Length 4,669 mm, width 1,965 mm, height 1,218 mm, wheelbase 2,700 mm, rear trunk capacity 100 liters, front trunk capacity 50 liters, fuel tank capacity 60 liters
Full speed > 320 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h about 3 seconds
Weight 1,540 kg (40-60% distribution)
Price From 260,000 euros

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