Masked Cramps for Enzo Fernandez! Heading to PUMA?

Against Ecuador, Enzo Fernandez donned a pair of the Nike Phantom GX. Recently he was seen in PUMA…

The transfer window is definitely over but #bootsmercato isn’t done yet. While the international break is in full swing, our eyes are focused on Argentina’s selection and the steps forward for Chelsea player Enzo Fernandez.

Against Ecuador, he appeared with a black and white pair of Nike Phantom GX Ambassadors. Rather than being a new colorway, it is a ready-made pair that the player wore. What if it ends up with Nike?

Another Nike player headed to PUMA?

Theo Hernandez who plays with Adidas In just a few months, Nike’s roster of players has gotten even worse. Because if we go further back in time, we can add Ousmane Dembele, Jack Grealish or even Dusan Vlahovic.

Sure, the American brand can always count on Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland to make their voice known in the football shoe market, but examples of players abandoning ship are innumerable. many. The latest is Enzo Fernandez. Or at least it looks like it’s about to be rebranded. Spotted with a pair of the Puma Ultra during Chelsea training in early September, the Argentina international went further by coloring his pair of the Phantom GX in black instead of blue during his last match.

A very classic procedure in the world of sports and especially in football that is used to publicly show disagreement with one’s technical partner or the desire not to display in an official competition the logo of a brand whose contract expires. It is going to happen.

So, will Enzo Fernandez move to PUMA or will he remain at Nike?

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