Masks, there are no circulars coming: what happens in the fall

No, for now there is no new tightening on the masks indoors. This is what sources of the Ministry of Health pointed out last night after the news, relaunched by various newspapers, of an alleged circular that the same Ministry had sent to the Regions. The note explained that the use of protective devices in closed spaces could be “a first option to limit transmission in the community in the event that an evident epidemiological worsening is documented with a serious clinical impact and / or on health care and / or or on the functioning of essential services “. In the evening, however, as mentioned, sources of the ministry made it known that there is “no circular in publication”, but that instead “the monitoring of the epidemiological picture continues” and “continues to recommend the fourth dose of vaccine for fragile and over 60 “.

Masks, what are the rules and what to expect in the fall

The rules therefore remain those currently in force. From 1 October the obligation to wear medical devices on buses, subways, trains and ferries has lapsed. On the other hand, the obligation in hospitals and RSAs was extended until 31 October. The limitations are therefore now almost nil, nor does the executive in office seem willing to intervene with new restrictions. It will be the next government, which is likely to take office by the end of the month, to decide what to do. On this point, Meloni was clear: “In the event of a resurgence of pandemics, Italy will no longer be the experiment of the Chinese model in the West, enough for the formulas of the Speranza model and the sorcerer’s apprentices”.

It is therefore reasonable to expect very few restrictions and a management of Covid that is decidedly different from that of the previous executive. On the subject, however, the words of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella must be recorded, who yesterday recalled that “the pandemic is not definitively defeated, even if the action of vaccines and the responsible response of the Italians have slowed down its expansion, greatly reduced the danger and saved the lives of tens of thousands of people. Collective intelligence and responsibility will still be needed “. A message to the Italians, but perhaps also to the new government to maintain a prudent attitude.

Meanwhile, we are already dealing with the effects of the new autumn wave. Between Monday and Tuesday, 72,201 infections were recorded against the 54,886 of the previous week and the 36,654 of two weeks ago. In the last 24 hours, the diagnoses were notified 58,885 with a positivity rate of 20.1%. Hospitalizations (+294, for a total of 4,814) and intensive care (+15, for a total of 155) are on the rise.

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