Massa talks more about Riquelme: details of Dawn Mateada and why he respects it

The current economy minister and presidential candidate detailed his “mateada” with deputy prime minister de Boca until dawn, praising him as “still a Roman de Torquato” despite the recognition.

Sergio Massa and Juan Roman Riquelme

Election campaigns for the imminent primary election in this country are in the final stages, Sergio Massapresidential candidate of the Union Pol la Patria and current Minister of Economy, he immersed himself fully in various current affairs in the country in extensive interviews. He took the time to mention his close relationship with Boca vice-president Juan Romain Riquelme.

YouTube program notes “Reboard Method”Not only did the lawyer stop and talk about the state of the country and politics, but he also detailed how the emotional bond with the idol was forged. zenays And provided details of the famous mateadas they sometimes eat.

“I had a very good relationship with Romain, eating barbecue with Don Torquato’s band. She called me to come home around 4pm.” In the morning, when my daughter went for water, she found us both drinking mate and said,Massa explained.

Friendship with Massa and Riquelme


Friendship with Massa and Riquelme

In a similar vein, the presidential candidate recounted a particular anecdote about living with Riquelme and her daughter when discussing it with a genuine friend on another day.: “I remember he came home one Saturday around 2pm and was out drinking with his friends until 9pm. and when she came home she remembered her.” “I know very few people as clever as this one.”

But where does this admiration for ex-Hook come from? Massa revealed that beyond the friendship that binds him, his respect for JRR begins with the fact that: “He never stopped being himself.” “For many people Riquelme is an idol and top scorer, but for the locals he is still the Román de Torquato, which appreciates his humanity.”, concluded.

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