Massimiliano Allegri did not give up on Romelu Lukaku

Juventus will enter the Serie A contest on this day to face Udinese. But before that, the club, and primarily its coach Massimiliano Allegri, have not yet abandoned the idea of ​​​​bringing Romelu Lukaku to the club. Transalpine Press has learned that talks are still in progress for a deal expected to take place this summer.

When asked about Romelu Lukaku’s arrival at Juventus, the club’s current coach Massimiliano Allegri was evasive on the issue. However, Il Corriere dello Sport has stated in its recent publication that Chelsea and Juventus Turin are still in talks to complete the deal. That’s why the Vlahovic-Lukaku exchange is still relevant. White smoke can come out in this heat. As a reminder, in addition to the exchange, the Londoners must return 40 million euros to the Piedmont club.

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