Maternity clothing: the dresses and looks of the stars according to the new trends

In the world of fashion there is an air of freedom, both in the styles and in the choice of combinations. And, incredible but true, maternity clothing has also embarked on this new path. Once, in fact, pregnancy was hidden behind soft and wide garments. Today the stars show it, and Rihanna is the proof: something big has changed in the maternity style. Among the star’s favorite garments, lingerie dresses that leave little to the imagination, crop tops and jumpsuits. In short, the pop star’s style does not seem to have changed with her pregnancy. But is it really possible not to change anything in your wardrobe? At first glance it is hard to believe if she is a mother. Immediately the thought flies to when, in expectation, for the first time we realized that our beautiful mother-like curves prevented the closure of the pants, to when we began to understand that we would have difficulty getting into our favorite outfits and the last fashion. And then the first reaction was to let large and basic garments enter our wardrobe: the blouse, the men’s shirt, the maxi T-shirt, A-line and empire dresses. Today the stars teach us that these beloved maternity wear essentials aren’t the only solution.

How to dress in pregnancy according to the latest trends

The secret is to wear what you like, and to dress to feel comfortable and feel good about yourself. Whatever silhouette you prefer, choose soft fabrics that can gently caress your curves, enhancing them to the maximum without stressing you. The latest post-pandemic trends focus on comfort, but fortunately also on fun. Today there is no real maternity dress, you decide, according to your taste, which dress suits your needs best. Ditto for shoes: if the stars dare with vertiginous heels, you can do the same, or opt for a sneakers, just as cool at this moment.

Comfy maternity outfit

An almost impalpable suit worn by Emily Ratajkowski in New York: tight and soft Tee, pants that look like tights and sandals. Comfort comes first here, but it is one of the most fashionable ensembles of recent seasons.

Stretch and knitted maternity dresses

Gigi Hadid chooses a midi and tight-fitting ribbed dress. This is also a great classic, and, like the soft suit, it made a comeback during the pandemic. Wear it with sneakers or mules. Both versions are super cool.

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