Mateusz Morawiecki: It’s getting really dangerous in the East

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was in an interview for, among others when asked if Russia wants war.

– I hope that he does not want to and that there will be no war, but if we combine all these crises, we will see the most disturbing picture for many, many years – said the Prime Minister.

As he added, “all lines lead to the Kremlin.” – Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, gas prices, potential risk of bringing migrants from Afghanistan. When you look closely, it all comes from one source, he said.

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– Even at the time when Russia was occupying Crimea and when Donetsk and Lugansk were separated from Ukraine, there were not so many soldiers gathered near the Ukrainian border. This information is already provided by the interviews of various countries, so I can also say it more openly – he argued.

– At the same time, we see strong propaganda attacks on the Western world and aggressive hacker attacks, including on energy systems, not only in Poland. Prime ministers of other countries also confirm attacks on their systems. You have to see it in full: because at the same time pro-war propaganda directed to their own societies by the authorities of Russia and Belarus is growing – said the head of government.

After talks with the prime ministers of the Baltic states, he assured that “we speak with the Baltic states with one voice, we see similar risks and ways of removing them.” – Names, maps, situations are different, but the mechanisms are the same. After very intensive talks with the prime ministers of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, I can say that we all see how serious the situation is he said.

Morawiecki also emphasized that “Poland is effectively, with commitment, defending the eastern flank of the European Union today”. “I think those who care about the future and the security of the Union should learn from this.” – There are differences between us on certain issues, we perceive certain topics differently, such as the reform of the judiciary, but there are also things that are more important than these ambiguities. There are very dangerous realities and there is real politics. It is worth concentrating now on the most important and fundamental issues for the entire community. This it is time for our partners in Brussels to separate the essentials from the differences that will always be – he stressed.

– If – hopefully it never happened – a war broke out on the eastern flank of the EU or close to it, would we continue the debate on Article 7 of the Treaties? Especially since even our critics have to admit that we have done a lot to clarify our point of view, our situation, and the historical complications of the judiciary. We can also be flexible, seek a compromise, although we can also defend our arguments. I emphasize: the situation is dangerous, the risks are increasingwise, responsible politicians should be able to estimate what is most important at this point, said the Prime Minister.

He was also asked if we should not allow migrants to pass through our territory to the west of Europe.

– Poland will not do it, we are a serious, law-abiding, efficient and honoring country. I can only add that I hope to understand the serious, growing strategic risks that are unfolding around us, around the EU. My interlocutors in the Baltic states also emphasized this. They know that if Poland succumbed, the whole Community would pay the price. I emphasize: it gets really dangerous in the East. This time for common sense to prevail in the Union Morawiecki replied.

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