Matias Suarez’s wife has important news and leaves a message for River Coach

River Plate defeated Talleres 1-0 last Sunday Striker Salomon Rondon scored the goal, making him the sole leader in Zone A. League Cup 2023.

team led by Martin Demichelis He managed to put weeks of internal rumors behind him and, after another classic win against Boca, settled in to end the year on a high.

However, we know that the board and coaching staff will have to make important decisions when this season ends for some players.

Among them are Cordoba forward Matias Suarezthat contract expires in December, and it’s unclear what will become of him.

The 35-year-old Cordoba attacker has barely added any action, with nagging injuries preventing him from reaching his full potential.

In the match against Talleres, “El Oreja” came on as a substitute but did not play.

Matias Suarez and his complicated future at River.  (River Press).
Matias Suarez and his complicated future at River. (River Press).

The former Belgrano striker is recovering from synovitis in his right knee, which he underwent surgery on in October 2021.

Typically, an injury produces fluid in the area, which causes pain.

Suarez has already announced that he remains under contract with River and intends to renew his contract, but there has been no official statement from the club on the matter.

“I had a problem with the inside of my meniscus from the first surgery I had a few years ago, so I developed synovitis. I’ve recently started to notice it. It’s swollen and there’s a little bit of fluid in there. I’ll stop there. It’s not serious, but I have to slow down for a few days, “Suarez was able to say a while ago.

Diego Riveri River

“I hope the knee heals and I hope everything goes well. I’m very happy to be here. The club has always made me feel very good. If I’m well , I hope that I can give River a lot,” added the native of Cordoba.

He’s only played 185 minutes this season, but based on the games River has played all year, that means he’s only averaging three minutes.

“Matthias is a very important player for this team. I’m proud to trust him and appreciate his desire to be there and work through the pain,” Demichelis said.

Magali Olave dedicated an emotional post on Instagram to her husband Matias Suarez.  (Instagram Magui Olave)
Magali Olave dedicated an emotional post on Instagram to her husband Matias Suarez. (Instagram Magui Olave)

Magui Olave’s message regarding Suarez

Against this background, after the match against Talleres, Matias’ wife, singer Magui Olabe, left a powerful message on her Instagram Story.

First, he delivered some great news. Matias warned that he is “already 100 percent” and revealed that he is ready to play again at the request of manager River.

Although later he left the “cane” to Demichelis himself.

“I’m glad you’re 100%. Don’t let anyone take away your magic. “I trust you…” Olave wrote.

Matthias has chosen to remain silent and continues to work until his contract ends, waiting for an opportunity at River.

A post for Magui Olave's husband, River player Matias Suarez.  (capture).
A post for Magui Olave’s husband, River player Matias Suarez. (capture).

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