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Three Israelis stole the show on ‘America’s Got Talent’ on Tuesday night, earning a ‘yes’ from all four judges to audition after a one-of-a-kind performance that involved perfectly adequate music, six snowshoes matkot – Israeli beach rackets – a ball and no clothes.

Amit, Yaron and Noam presented a Circassian version of the (very) popular beach game in Israel, picking up the small orange ball, hitting it against each other and juggling the rackets, while trying to avoid s exhibit to audiences of 1,400 and the millions of viewers who watched them at home.

During their big final number, Yaron threw the ball in the direction of Noam and Amit, who pounced on it simultaneously. Instead of trying to catch it with their snowshoes, they instinctively tried to catch it with their hands.

Noam managed it, but he and Amit dropped their racquets, exposing their butts to the shocked crowd, who weren’t sure if this failed stunt was an accident or a deliberate ploy that elicited a stronger reaction than they did. would have had if the trick had been successful.

They then left the stage waving to the crowd standing ovationbefore returning to the stage in a pink bathrobe to listen to the judges.

“Is this a famous show in Israel? Do people like it? asked Sofia Vergara.

“Not yet,” Noam replied honestly, to laughter from the audience.

Heidi Klum joked that the troupe should use smaller racquets next time – a suggestion that would make hiding in mid-show even more difficult. Noam replied, “We still have a lot to show! »

Klum added that the band, called Bomba (Hebrew slang for “an explosion” or “the bomb”), was his favorite act of the day. This seemed to surprise Vergara, but his response “What? was drowned out by cheers from the crowd.

The judges then began to vote, and all agreed to send Bomba to the next round.

The trio were cheered as they exited the stage, while Howie Mandell, who is Jewish, shouted “Shalom! “.

More than 160,000 people watched the video of their performance on YouTube within 24 hours of posting it.

The troupe was interviewed on Channel 12 on Wednesday and opened up about their experience being among the 200 shows chosen from 75,000 submissions to take part in the audition phase of the hit US show .

Amit told Channel 12 that the producers of “America’s Got Talent” warned them not to wear circus clothes during their audition because Simon Cowell doesn’t like circus acts. It made their decision to wear nothing at all even easier, he joked.

“The circus is synonymous with danger. Without danger, the number doesn’t work, so we had to add a little danger to it, ”he said of their clothing choice.

Noam said he lost awareness during the show – for the first time in his life.

“Fortunately, we rehearsed a lot, so my body remembered all the moves. But I was really freaked out,” he told Channel 12.

Since that successful performance, the troupe have received invitations to perform on ‘Got Talent’ shows in Romania and France – offers they still find hard to believe, given that not so long ago , they juggled the streets of Tel Aviv in order to earn enough money to pay for the tuition of their circus school.

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