Matt Damon suddenly skips the red carpet: Hollywood paralyzed by a rare decision

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END TALKS IN HOLLYWOOD: After more than two months of screenwriters being locked out, American actors launched a strike movement that threatens to lead to the film industry’s worst paralysis in more than 60 years. The strike began at midnight Los Angeles time, Friday, July 14, 2023, according to what actors union SAG-AFTRA said following the failure of negotiations with studios and streaming platforms, reports AFP.

,We didn’t have a choice. we suffer. we are victims of an extremely greedy entitylashed out at Fran Drescher, president of the organization that represents 160,000 actors and other professionals from the big and small screens.this is a historic momentThe ex-star of the series insisted a granny from hell, “SIf we don’t wake up now, (…) we are all at risk of being replaced by machines and big corporations that care more about Wall Street than you and your family.,

By joining the screenwriters in a sit-in demonstration, the actors incited a double social movement not seen in Hollywood since the 1960s, which threatens to halt production of series and films altogether. In the age of streaming both the trades are demanding an increase in their remuneration. They also want to get guarantees regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent them from scripting or cloning their voice and image.

The industry will get a big blow if the actors go on strike. their union”Chooses a path that will leave thousands of people in dire financial straits“Dealing with the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents studios and streaming platforms. The organization claims to offer”historical (…) increments” And “An unprecedented AI proposition that protects the digital image of actors“Disney boss Bob Iger lambasted him for the demands.”unrealActor on CNBC channel.

long awaited starlight oppenheimer

Filming in Hollywood without actors is now impossible, even on the basis of scripts completed before spring, as the Amazon series did until then. rings of powerprequel to Lord of the Rings, Only a few talk shows and reality TV shows will continue. As per the guidelines published by SAG-AFTRA, the actors are prohibited from promoting on social media as well.

What put summer blockbuster movies like highly anticipated in trouble oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan. At the film’s London premiere on Thursday, the film’s cast walked off the show in solidarity Diversity, In London, Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt or even Matt Damon leave Oppenheimer’s preview. Huffington Post, ,As soon as the strike is officially announced, we will go home‘, warned even Ben Affleck’s best friend.

Comic-Con, a huge gathering of American geeks and comic book lovers, is set to take place in San Diego from July 20, even without the stars. The absence of American actors is also bad news for major international festivals like the Venice Film Festival. Even the Emmy Awards ceremony, the equivalent of the Oscars for TV scheduled for September 18, is under threat. According to the American press, production is already considering postponing the event to November or even 2024.

Because no one knows how long the movement can last. Actors have not gone on strike since 1980. The last writers’ strike, in 2007–2008, lasted 100 days and caused the sector $2 billion in losses.

existential crisis

This double whammy confirms the existential crisis currently plaguing Hollywood. In late June, hundreds of famous actors, including Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Stiller, signed a letter saying their industry was in crisis. “unprecedented inflection point“For the past ten years, the advent of streaming has upset the “residual” remuneration of actors and screenwriters that results from each re-airing of a film or series.

Interestingly with television because the advertisements are calculated according to the cost, these emoluments have little to do with streaming platforms, which do not communicate their viewership figures and pay a flat rate regardless of success. Without this necessary income to cover the period of inactivity between two productions, many workers who do not have star actor or writer status are condemned to the precariousness of their profession. The rapid development of AI, which threatens to replace them, only adds fuel to the fire. For example, Disney used it to create the credits for its new Marvel series, launched in June. secret attack,

Many artists were already on strike in New York on Thursday. ,It’s painful and it’s necessary”Jennifer Van Dyke, a unionized actress, told AFP. ,When the boss of Disney makes $45 million a year and we’re just asking for a decent salary, I think he can be accused of being unfair.,

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