Mattarella, Ursula von der Leyen and German President Steinmeier arrive in Ispra

mattarella ursula von der leyen

There is excitement at Cwithin the European research of Ispra where, according to what appears to be a Varesenews from various sources, the visit of the President of the Republic is expected next week Sergio Mattarellaof the President of the European Commission Ursula von del Leyen and the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The three institutional representatives will make a “working” visit (not open to the public) inside the Joint Research Center, the flagship of the European Community in the Varese area which provides support to the EU decision-making process through independent scientific advice. .

A visit that is linked to the two days planned on Lake Maggiore. In fact, on 19 and 20 July the President is expected for a series of official meetings in Stresa, at villa Taranto di Verbania seat of the Prefecture and on the Borromean Islands where the meeting between Mattarella and his German colleague Frank Walter Steinmeier at Palazzo Borromeo is scheduled. Both, together with Von Der Leyen, would also be expected on Wednesday 20 July at the Jrc of Ispra (unless the whole agenda is upset by the political crisis that is unfolding in Rome at the moment).

The visit to the Jrc of Ispra, albeit as part of a visit to a structure of the European Community, would be the first visit of President Mattarella in the Province of Varese if the participation in the state funeral for Giuseppe Zamberletti in 2019 at the basilica of San Vittore in Varese (photo below).

Funeral of Giuseppe Zamberletti

In the memory of the people of Varese there is still the visit of his predecessor in 2011: Giorgio Napolitano was welcomed from a riot of people for a visit that lasted the whole day.

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