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Matteo Pizzolante
The line that divides us from tomorrow
October 27, 2022 – January 28, 2023
FuturDome, Milan

FuturDome is pleased to present The line that divides us from tomorrowpersonal exhibition by Matteo Pizzolante curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi.

The project presents a new body of works site specific developed in relation to the spatial peculiarities and the history of the FuturDome exhibition environments, as well as the materials that redefine the architectural envelope, activating a change of temporal intensity that involves a reduction of the present.

The line that divides us from tomorrow investigates the instant in which the reconstruction of the narrative of an event develops, determining how a memory can be passed from the state of inert sensitivity to the state of active sensitivity.

In psychology, the events of reality are not identified as facts how much instead how lived. Experiences are the tool with which we emotionally perceive the world, the only way we can know and alter it.
image for Matteo Pizzolante
Matteo Pizzolante, Minimal gesture, 2022. Cyanotypies on plasterboard, wood, iron easels
Ph Act. Courtesy FuturDome

The title of the exhibition is conceived in reference to the imaginary line drawn on the earth’s surface that determines the change of date, in correspondence with the 180th meridian. The traveler traveling from Asia to America has to count the same date twice, while in the opposite direction it is necessary to skip a day.
A fold / paradox of time, a gap materialized in the 21-hour time zone that separates the border between Russia and Alaska, in the middle of the Diomedes islands in the Bering Strait. Two islands visible to the naked eye just over three kilometers away from each other where it is possible, crossing them, to retrace an instant of time and reshape our memory into a clear vision of one’s past or vice versa.

In everyday life, we can rarely expect to access the origin of our perception or past experience after a few years from the specific event. Very often, in fact, memory is not simply a re-proposition of an ancient perception, but the account of an experience or the result of a search for meaning that adds value to the original event created by our subjective reinterpretation.

In the series of works Silent Sun, Pizzolante digitally reconstructs the domestic environments of his childhood based exclusively on his memory. The Cyanotype analogue printing technique corrupts the original digital image, creating glazes and making the details wash away. The resulting absolute blue toning allows you to focus on the dermis of the images, making them material and investing them with an indefinite temporality.
Immersion in blue monochromes implements hypnotic-sedative properties exactly like Amobarbital, the drug synthesized in Germany in 1932, now banned, also defined Blue sky that inducing to tell the truth about a specific episode could lead a subject to the generation of a false memory of the event described.

The narration therefore becomes, for the artist, a spontaneous birth of false memories. In psychology, a false memory is a phenomenon in which a circumstance that never happened is recalled or it is remembered in a different way from how it actually occurred. Suggestibility, the activation of associated information, the incorporation of incorrect information and the misattribution of the source seem to be the mechanisms underlying different types of false memories.

Shattering the dynamics of the chronology is the key to the reconstruction of an event that happened on the night of Sunday, December 16, 2013 in Lecce. A bomb attack on the New Caffè Paisiello which has partially destroyed the premises and the external environments. The café is completely devastated by an explosion that creates a roar, waking part of the city with a start.
The place where the event occurs, the Paisiello coffee in Lecce, engages in dialogue with the site where the exhibition is staged, FuturDomein via Paisiello 6 in Milan.

The artist’s intention is to instill in the viewer a feeling of disorientation, through a temporal, spatial and linguistic shift, affirming the independence of man from the external world that surrounds him.

Pizzolante focuses on the moment of the explosion as an event not observable by the human eye but which can only be reconstructed through a dissociation of the feeling of time. An explosion that becomes perennial like a constellation of fixed stars. The resulting silence appears as a destructive competitive process. Suddenly, our present can be affirmed and at the same time brought to light in the existence of the gaze.

If the reconstruction of an event we have not witnessed becomes the staging of collective narratives, with Honeycomb of a Moon (Hyperion)the work installed in the courtyard of the building, made with aerospace-derived material already installed in FuturDome as a thermal insulator, the artist activates an optical correction of the horizontal plane of the building covered with a flooring designed by Gaudí in 1904.
Matching the image of a memorized figure to the manual ability to engrave it becomes, for the author, a perfect harmonization between the mental image and its visual rendering.

In Pizzolante’s works the past never ceases to reconfigure itself and the image becomes thinkable only in a perennial re-construction of memory if not of obsession. In life, where perception is calibrated for survival, designing, building an architecture before its appearance is like remembering a place we have never been to.

Act Belloli Ardessi

Matteo Pizzolante (Tricase, Lecce, 1989) uses digital images and software as tools to represent and redescribe space by interrupting the dynamics of chronology.

The starting point of the artist’s creative process is often 3D modeling, thanks to which Pizzolante creates unique compositions in which he combines memory and imagination. Through a meticulous digital reconstruction work, the artist creates a lucid vision that seems to vanish before the eyes of the observer.
The works of Matteo Pizzolante rehabilitate moods and concepts such as slowness and dilation of time, in contrast with the speed of everyday life.

A change in intensity that involves a reduction of the present.

Pizzolante graduated in Building Engineering in 2012, and subsequently enrolled in the Biennium of Sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Vittorio Corsini. He completed his studies in Germany at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden with Wilhelm Mundt and Carsten Nicolai. He has participated in several exhibitions in Italy and is the winner of the Jaguart project promoted by Artissima and Jaguar.

Recent projects and participations include: A Sud Di Marte, a residency project curated by Random and with the support of the Elpis Foundation; Brindisi Centrale, Le Case d’Arte, Milan, personal exhibition curated by Pasquale Leccese; This must be the place, COMPOSIT Flagship Store, Milan, curated by Edoardo De Cobelli and Sara Van Bussel; GAM, Turin; Vistamarestudio, Milan; Jaguart Artissima, Milan; Artissima Experimental Academy VOL. III led by the Iranian artist Setareh Shahbazi, Artissima, Turin; BienNolo, Milan; ArtCityLab, Milan; BOCs Art, Cosenza, curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio; Passion for the Street of Art, Cardi Gallery, Milan; It is the body that decides, a project by Marcello Maloberti promoted by the Museo del Novecento in Milan and the Furla Foundation.

During the spread of COVID-19, Pizzolante was involved in several digital projects, including 30 Artisti X 30 Days organized by the Pini Foundation and Pensiero Vuoto created by the Renata Fabbri Gallery, Milan. Pizzolante is also the winner of the Vanni Autofocus10 International Award and participates in the Q-Rated project, Sensitive Research, promoted by La Quadriennale, Rome.

Matteo Pizzolante
The line that divides us from tomorrow

  • October 27, 2022 – January 28, 2023
    Wednesday – Saturday 16 – 19.30
    inauguration Thursday 27 October 2022 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm
  • FuturDome
    Via Giovanni Paisiello 6, Milan
  • Free entry
Tel. +39 02.871.867.45

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