Matuidi on Verratti’s PSG visit: “He impressed me”

“What image of Marco Verratti would you have at PSG?
A wonderful image. In my eyes, considering the titles won, Marco left his mark on the history of PSG. When he came he was very young, careless, no one knew him. But from its first balls, we saw that this was a little gem that was going to vibrate the Parc des Princes.

Did he impress you?
At their first training session, we saw a kid coming. He was small and shy, appearing suddenly. And as soon as he touched the ball, we told ourselves that an incident had happened to us. He was 19 years old, but he already played like a 28-year-old player. He was not afraid of anything.

Matuidi (centre) and Verratti (right) celebrate a goal with Di Maria in 2017.  (F. Fougere/L'Equipe)

Matuidi (centre) and Verratti (right) celebrate a goal with Di Maria in 2017. (F. Fougere/L’Equipe)

“Thiago Silva gave him some blowers”

Don’t you have any regrets about its potential?
We think, of course, he probably could have done even more. But, still, we are not going to take away all the work he has done and all the titles he has won. is not no passing craze. So, yes, when you’re a PSG fan, you can be hungry. As a former teammate, he impressed me with his talent, his humility, above all, his simplicity.

He also angered Carlo Ancelotti by constantly taking risks near your own area…
(He laughs.)
Not just Carlo! Thiago Silva gave him some blowers. But it didn’t change much and, upon arrival, we knew most of the time that there was going to be something positive behind it. I believe we should first remember the positive aspects of everything he has done. And I said to him: “Marco, well done!”

After all, wasn’t his problem that he loved life as much as he loved football?
Perhaps this is what some people want to remember. And Marco never hid the fact that he was an enthusiastic person. Don’t forget that in the beginning, he is a child who comes to Paris from Pescara! This is not the same pace of life. But he also knew how to be serious. I can assure you that Marco never arrived late for training, he was always a great professional. ,

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