Maurizio Costanzo’s health mystery: his show canceled, guests at home

  • The last episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show was canceled due to the conductor’s ‘indisposition’
  • Guests were notified prior to their arrival at the Parioli theater in Rome
  • No other details are known: someone fears for the health of the 83-year-old journalist

How are you Maurizio Costanzo? Many are asking this in the last few hours after the news spread that the last episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show was suddenly canceled: it was not recorded, guests were told not to go to the Parioli theater in Rome to take part in the program. The reason? TvBlog reports an alleged “indisposition” of the 84-year-old conductor. This he did worry lot of. However, at the moment no further details are known about the affair, apart from the fact that Canale5 had to find a replacement to cover the “hole” in the schedule created by the unexpected (the show was supposed to air on the second evening of Friday 7 October).

Maurizio Costanzo, 84, had to give up running the last episode of his program: it is a mystery about the reasons for the indisposition

Among the guests of the episode there should have been the entrepreneur and editor of La7 Urbano Cairo, the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte, Alberto Matano, Ricky Tognazzi, Patty Pravo and also Sonia Bruganelli.

Time ago a ‘Today’ Maria De Filippi, 60, had made it known that she was not sure she could fulfill Maurizio’s wish to be held by her hand during the last moments of her life. Speaking with the interviewer, the presenter explained: “I confess that I do not know if I will be capable, if I will have the strength and the courage to offer him mine but no that day there. Too much pain. I don’t want the intertwining of those fingers to remain as my last memory “.

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