Mauro Lainez to return with Team USA after unable to play against Mazatlan

Return to the lair. mazatlan football club Signing completed Mauro Linesalthough after the regulations were introduced FIFA Players cannot wear Mazaatecos colors, at least this term.

It should be noted that Mauro’s transfer is possible; however, the Mazatlan team’s condition is that its reinforcements will not be able to compete with the Cannon in the 2024 autumn season, and Lainez can be in the 2024 spring season. before playing against Pacific.

Faced with this dilemma, Mazatlan will send the Mexican to one of his previous teams so that he can participate in football activities.

Mauro will return with América, a club where he can play without problems, but given the number of players in his position, the possibility of continuity is slim, so he will be considered for inclusion in the 23 Under-year team.

What do FIFA regulations say?

Although Llanes can register three teams during this period, it is impossible for him to see all the activities of the institution within the given scope. Mauro previously played for América and later for Garros de Querétaro. He was signed by Mazatlán as a reinforcement this term. According to the provisions of Article 35.

“Clubs must take into account that, in accordance with Article 5(4) of the FIFA Players Status and Transfer Regulations, a player may be registered with up to three clubs in the same season. However, during this period, the player is eligible only with Two clubs compete together in official competitions. As an exception to the above, a player plays for two clubs belonging to associations whose seasons intersect (i.e. one season starts in summer/autumn and the other in winter/spring), if he completely Having fulfilled their contractual obligations with their previous club, they may be eligible to play official matches with a third club during the corresponding season,” FIFA said.

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