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Content creator, Mauro Nakada has lived the same drama for three years Justin bieber. Like the pop music star, he had facial paralysis, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, and decided to reveal the problem to netizens.

“I came from a very stressful start to the year, really. I was eating very poorly and, with the weather very overloaded, very anxious indeed. I felt my immunity was a little low. Normally, when I feel this, it’s because I’m going to get the flu and a herpes breakout. What happened was that the herpes didn’t break out on my lip. burst on my nerve,” Nakada said.

He began to share with netizens the challenges of doing simple everyday things.

“Eating was very difficult. Now it’s much better. Before, I couldn’t even open my mouth to put the bread in.”

Nakada says that even common gestures were unfeasible. Or still are.

“Whistling was the first thing I tried to do and I couldn’t,” revealed the influencer, who tried to smile. “I still can not. I’m still avoiding it, because my smile really comes out like this…”

In the video above, you can see how Nakada smiles, who came to see the problem as a learning experience.

“It was a very long process of patience. As I was always showing my face, people always liked to know how the evolution was. One day, the vision returned a little; one day, a little bit of taste, a little bit of blinking, a little bit of breathing, so you start to give more value also to the small details of health.”

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