Maverick says it’s crazy, and we’re not in the skin

It all started with a few scattered posts from some colleague he got to see Top Gun: Maverick preview. “Oh my God it’s beautiful”, “the best sequel ever”, “at the end of the film the whole room was crying and applauding”.

Then the first news from abroad began to arrive, from the United States of America. Here, too, scattered and even a little confusing: there are those who likeLA Mag put a review online and took it down a few seconds later, probably for embargo issues, whoever has the site directly down, and obviously the usual insta-pieces composed by creating a collage of tweets made by other journalists just out of the screening – those ultra-umbilical and self-referenced contents in which person X reports the opinion of his friend person Y and entitled everything “the first reactions of the press”. It’s easy, anyone falls for it, they did it too Varietyand if you want in the linked piece you will find the same identical tweets that you will also find in all the other identical pieces released following the first press previews of Maverick.

But then this happened:

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In case you didn’t know him, Hideo Kojima is a video game author who has made a name for himself especially with the saga of Metal Gearand which describes itself as “made up of 70% film”. In his latest work, Death Stranding, the story of a rider during the post-apocalypse, stars Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, Mads Mikkelsen, as well as Nicolas Winding Refn and Guillermo del Toro. He is a curious and cinephile character, who has always worked to integrate the language of the so-called seventh art with that of video games, in narrative but also more strictly playful terms. And apparently he loved it Top Gun: Maverick to the point of bothering to tweet in English to let us know.

top gun maverick


I don’t know, maybe it’s the short circuit, or the fact that anyway Top Gun it was a movie about planes and therefore also Top Gun: Maverick it will be, thus running the risk of being labeled by some critics as “a big video game”, and on the other hand its director Joseph Kosinski has heard it said several times in the course of his career (which also includes a couple of commercials for, in fact, video games), or maybe it’s the fact that Hideo Kojima has an almost esoteric aura so every time he speaks you are sure that he is saying something interesting. The fact is that from last night I decided that if he says that Top Gun: Maverick it’s so good then it’s so beautiful.

On the other hand, the signals were all there, and by signals I mean Tom Cruise, who for some years now seems to have understood which sides of his character to keep at bay and which to cultivate and exasperate in order to cultivate his public image and above all his person filmic, his avatar that not only looks more and more like himself with each new film, but that has become so cumbersome that the films themselves are sewn around him. A few years ago Tom Cruise, who before was one of the brightest stars in the metaphorical Hollywood firmament, decided that hopping on Oprah’s sofa does not help his career, while learning to drive helicopters, do crazy stunts by any means possible and go to the space to turn yes.

top gun maverick


And therefore Top Gun: Maverick it’s the right project at the right time. Strange to say in hindsight, but the action and flight scenes of Top Gun, the original, that of Tony Scott, are the weakest moments in the film, mainly due to very complicated production problems. Almost forty years and a lot of locura later, 2022 is therefore the perfect year to go back to doing Top Gunthis time with a director who has shown his ability to shoot well in his career so far alone the action. There shouldn’t be so much character building problems: Tony Scott already thought of that in 1984, now it’s just a matter of taking it back, telling us what he has done over the years and finding an excuse to put him back in the cockpit.

Obviously, as always when it comes to these projects, the risk of disaster remains very high – I am under no illusion that a very loaded Tom Cruise is enough to make a good film, not when the original worked also by virtue of a great writing. And the Great Ancients of the Cosmic Abyss know how much Hollywood has a problem with great writing lately. But here we return to the tweets and reactions of those who have already seen Top Gun: Maverick: one of the phrases that you read most frequently is a variation on the theme “they don’t make movies like this anymore”.

top gun maverick


So, also but not only because of Hideo Kojima, now the wait for the release of Maverick officially became spasmodic. Not much is missing: in Italy it is expected for 25 May, in more than two weeks, after the end of the championship, in short, I was lying before and very much missing. Let us console ourselves, we who have not yet seen the light, watching the trailer for the film one last time.

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