maximum attention, possible presence of plastic fragments, what to say to the doctor

A new food call scares Italians.

It is an extremely product widespread and therefore the attention must be very high.


There is this new food alert to which you should pay close attention because it concerns pork frankfurters. Pork frankfurters are a highly consumed food by Italians, especially in summer.

An important reminder: what to understand

And the brand involved is also a brand extremely widespread therefore the authorities advise to pay close attention and to check the specifications well and if you have it at home.


If you have these products at home you must immediately deliver them to those who sold them to us. The recall arises because the possibility of small pieces of plastic in these products. So the customers who have these frankfurters at home must absolutely not consume them but bring them back to the point of sale. Only in this way will they be able to have a refund or possibly a replacement.

Great diffusion of the product and risks

This food booster stands out as one of the most important of recent times and it must be acknowledged to the manufacturing company which is then one of the largest Italian supermarkets, to have been extremely timely to avoid any health risk. But let’s see the specifics of this product and what to do if you have consumed it.

All the specifics and what to tell the doctor

The product in question is WURSTEL PURO PIG 2X250G CONAD, but also PURE PORK WURSTEL 250G CONAD. The production of these foods is entrusted by Conad at Grandi Salumifici Italiani Spa. The recall concerns the Lot 10/20/2022 with expiry 20/10/2022 and with cod. EAN 8003170086661. If you have not consumed the product you must immediately bring it back at the point of sale. However, if it has been consumed, it is very important talk to your doctor right away. In fact, only the doctor will be able to evaluate all the most appropriate procedures to avoid health risks. In fact, in the event of consumption, do-it-yourself procedures must be avoided, but it is always It is important to consult with your doctor. Only the doctor can recommend the most appropriate tests and the most suitable procedures.

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