MayDecember stars respond to Willy Furao’s criticism

Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore have responded to recent criticism of May December by one of the film’s real-life inspirations, Vili Fualaau.

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May December Stars Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore responded to Willy Frau’s recent criticism of the film. Director Todd Haynes’ latest film, released on Netflix in December, chronicles the twisted marital dynamics that develop after an actress enters a couple’s lives to research a film role. May December Loosely inspired by real events and the controversial relationship between Mary Kay Letourneau and Fualaau in the mid-1990s, when Letourneau, an adult woman, seduced and entered into a relationship with Fualaau when he was just 12 years old.

Now, following Fualaau’s recent criticism May December In it he stated that he “Offended by the whole project“, Portman and Moore gave their responses in recent interviews alien On the red carpet of the 81st Golden Globe Awards. While lamenting Fualao’s feelings about the movie, both actors highlighted the differences between the movie and real-life events. Check out what the cast had to say below:

Natalie Portman: I’m sorry to hear that. It’s not based on them, but, you know, obviously their stories influenced the culture that we grew up in and influenced this idea. But Julianne Moore and Charles Melton bring the fictional character to life so realistically that, yes, it’s its own story and not a biopic. “

Julianne Moore: “Wow, I’m sorry that he feels that way. I mean, when we were making this movie, Todd (Haines) was always very clear that this was an origin story, this was a A story about these characters. So that’s how we looked at it as well. It was our document and we created these characters together from the page.”

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