Mayor of Pagani against Taranto fans: ‘Delinquents’

Mayor of Pagani against Taranto fans: ‘Delinquents’

The first Campania citizen denounces clashes and violence: ‘We will be a civil party’

Through a post published on the Facebook page, Lello De Prisco, mayor of Pagani, accuses the Taranto fans of clashes and violence. The first citizen of Campania never names the rossoblu supporters, but the reference is clear.

“It was a long night between the road, the stadium and the barracks, which luckily ended without any particular damage – writes the mayor De Prisco -. But the unfortunate episode last night that shook the whole city is unforgivable and leaves us stunned. How it was possible that the criminals were able to arrive in Piazza Sant’Alfonso and in the center of the city hooded, entering the premises, trying to attack people and cause damage to property, terrorizing all those present, will be the subject of an investigation that is already left. After tonight’s checks, from the early hours of this morning I am in contact with the Tenenza, the Police Headquarters and the Prefecture. All the images of Piazza Sant’Alfonso and the center concerned are being acquired in order to reconstruct the facts “.

“We announce that we will be a civil party in the event of any daspo and presentation in court – continues the mayor of Pagani -. Already yesterday evening, going to the place, I showed all my solidarity to the owners of the premises who were involved in the moments of panic, fortunately without major damage. Closeness that I renew to them and extend to all the families and people who have had to go through this bad experience ”.

“Since every episode, however, even the most dramatic, involves looting against the administration, it is right to clarify some points – explains De Prisco -. First point: a few days ago I had already asked the Prefecture to ban the trip to Taranto fans, but without a favorable outcome. It is certainly not the Mayor who decides the management of the supporters. Second point, or the real crux of the matter: the management of public order, which is certainly not the responsibility of the Municipality, but the police. The investigations will explain how it happened that a van of criminals escaped the bus escorted by the police, creating panic in the center. Third point of the question, the most mortifying to underline: the reasons that led to granting the use of the Paganese Calcio field at Gelbison. Neither the team nor the administration must certainly justify themselves, as our stadium is one of the few capable of hosting a Lega Pro championship, and we are all deeply convinced of the positive values ​​of sport and football in particular ”.

“What happened yesterday for those who did looting was to assimilate the word supporters to the word delinquency and we all know that it is absolutely incorrect. Even more serious if the looting starts from municipal councilors who should know well the functions and skills in this case. We now await the results of the investigation, confident in the work of the police, confident that these episodes will never repeat themselves ”, concludes Lellò Di Prisco.

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