Mbappé quotes Cristiano Ronaldo and detonates ‘total hypocrisy’ of players about the Ballon d’Or award

In an interview with the magazine France FootballKylian Mbappé didn’t mince words to talk about the hypocrisy he sees from players with the award

One of the favorites to win the Gold ball, Kylian Mbappe talked about the award to the magazine France Football. And the attacker Paris Saint-Germain didn’t mince words to shoot at the hypocrisy he sees from athletes.

We’re in total hypocrisy because all football lovers, when the results are approaching, only think about it, but wouldn’t we, the players, have the right to think about it publicly? Of course it’s a big lie! Maybe it’s also because people aren’t ready to hear a player say, ‘I’m really in a hurry to get the Ballon d’Or results because I have a real chance to have it this year,'” the striker said.

“Once, Christian [Ronaldo], he assumed, he remembers. But it didn’t work out very well. Then, everyone hides their impatience and ambitions for an individual trophy so as not to look proud. It’s weird, but it’s a little game that isn’t evil at all and participates in the mystery of the trophy,” he added.

Mbappé seeks his first Ballon d’Or of his career. The striker is the only one of PSG’s star trio to have been nominated in the list of 30 candidates for the award. Messi and Neymar left out.

Last season, the French striker was the main name of PSG. in all, in 46 games, the star scored 39 goals and gave 21 assists.

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